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If I had bumps like that all the time I would be in heaven. As it is, I get to hone my skills in the icy, choppy, funky bumps of Western PA, which really isn't a bad thing considering it will only make me a better skier. Around here, if I waited for nice bumps to form I would never get to ski them!
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Pow Rippuh,

Yeah if youz be a good bump skier then beware of going west to sample high elevation cold packed powder bumps, cuz you may never want to leave. So addicted to being a pin ball.

Took this about 15 feet below the slightly corniced top of this run, J. It is a slight telephoto which makes things look closer and less steep than actual, haha. On the topo measures 53% grade (like 26 degrees) for the first 120 feet vert then eases to about 42% at that orange sign at the knee which is 400 feet vert below. Then it drops another 360 feet at 55% before ending in an easy 34% cruise the final 160 feet. For comparison this 400 vert section is almost identical to the pitch of the center zone of Outhouse at the Jane. Most of the time I rip down past the orange sign and run out of gas in the step unseen section. -dave
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