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Bollé helmet

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Went helmet shopping yesterday.

Found a helmet that doesn't have vent plugs to lose, has adjustable vents, keeps my ears warm, etcetera.  It's a Giro G10, and cost was 170 bucks.  Please tell me why I should buy this one instead of the $60 Bollé made in Italia with all the same features that's for sale in Costco.

My Mom says I shouldn't buy a cheap helmet 'cause I will end up not liking it and not wearing it, and I'm only getting it to make her happy (Yes she still worries about me)
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I would go by fit. Based on my experience with Giro, they seem to have a better overall fit, without pressure points. They also are very customizeable. YMMV. Can you try them?
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 The G10 is a good helmet. I have been skiing it for the past few years and carrying it in my shop. But we sell it for $130 so you must have to buy it at a premium in Canada. Check out the Smith Variant. It has a great fit as well and is what I will be skiing with this year. 
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They both seem to fit.  I don't know if one is warmer or if one's adjustable vents will wear out before the other though, or if one makes more wind noise at speed.
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