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Water Bottle Holders OPINIONS PLEASE ")

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Hey guys, i am currently doing a school project on water bottle holders where i have to design a water bottle holder for a specific use and have targeted skiiers like you and wanted your opinions. I was wondering what problems are there with current holders out there or what can be improved? What would you like as a bottle holder that would cause minimal disadvantage to you as possible. I currently have two ideas I had an idea where a belt is fitted around the waist where the water bottle is held horizontaly just under the belly button as this will stop the bottle from knocking against the legs.(the second idea is quite complicated to explain) but the idea is that the holder can carry two bottles, they are straps which are put on like a bag and clipped across the chest and is designed like the gun holsters that the FBI have, where the guns are carried next/just under the armpit, this is where the bottles will be. I dnt know what there called but its the best i can explain it lol, can any of you's give me an idea of what the holder you would like
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Jack, after skiing years as a patroller, ski school etc and having to carry a radio, any positioning that puts a large quantity of weight (radio, full water bottle etc,) on the chest is not only a hinderance but a saftey issue.  Under the armpit would cause a resriction with the poles wheras the chest area you risk cracked ribs etc, and lower I cant see how that would be comfortable.
I have attempted to ski with my XC pack which is a fanny pack that holds 1/2 bottles angled at a 45* and I have sliding it around front as not to be a hinderance on chairs and then skiing a bit was enough to realize it better on the back.
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I like the water holder that I have; a bladder that goes in my pack. I don't know that exposed bottles would be comfortable or safe especially in the trees.

Problems with exposure include catching it on something and restriction of movement as stated avove. Plus what about insulation. Most hydration sleeves are insulated.

Good luck.
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I like my ^  in the top thigh pocket.
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Playtypus makes several soft bladder water bottles that are similar to what you are trying to do.
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Does your project require that you use solid water bottles? If not, definitely consider collapsible water bottles. Not only are they are malleable, but they can be carried in a variety of ways and are not a solid object that you can fall on while skiing. Plus they reduce bulk as you consume water. With an insulated carrier, you can dream up all kinds of attachment ideas for your project and you can add tubes/straws.

In an inside chest pocket or harness is my preference for convenience, keeps from freezing and it doesn't flop around and affecting center of gravity. A thin, inner jacket sleeve/pocket or harness between the shoulder blades is another option if you like a tube will avoid the bulk and weight of a pack.
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+ don't let it freeze.
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