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Waterproofing Clothing

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I have an old shell and some gloves that needs to be re-waterproofed. I've heard about the wash-in Nikwax and reviews say it works good or not at all.
Wouldn't the wash-in Nikwax waterproof the inside too thus making it less breathable?
Why isn't spray-on as popular?
Is spray-on sometimes better than wash-in and sometimes worse?
Overall what do you recommend?
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Sounds like you're confusing water proofness with surface repellancy and the loss of the DWR surface treatment.  The fact is, your jacket (assuming it's Goretex, Entrant, etc.) will never lose its water proofness because it's a permanent physical property of the bonded PFTE fabric.  What it will do over time, however, is lose it's ability to prevent surface wetting and bead water on the surface, so the fabric will appear wet even though it is still waterproof.  This is due to the loss of the DWR treatment over time, or, more commonly, is due to the fabric becoming contaminated with dirt and oil from handling. 

What you need to do first of all is wash the garment with a special cleaner designed for PFTE fabrics, such as Nikwax Tech Wash.  These cleaners wash out cleanly and leave no residue, and often you will find the surface repellancy will be completely restored after simply washing the garment.

If surface repellancy can't be restored by washing, then try one of the many products designed to restore it.  I've tried Nikwax wash-in treatment as well as their TX Direct spray on treatment.  Either one works fine.  I've also used Scotchguard spray-on treatment, and that works well too.  You might also want to try a product made by W.L. Gore, designed to restore the DWR coating to Goretex, called ReviveX.  I haven't personally tried it, but I hear it's very good.  Personally, I like the idea of spraying the surface rather than washing something into the garment, just in case the wash-in treatment clogs the PFTE membrane of the fabric and affects its breathability.
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The Gore-Tex site recommends washing the garment with regular laundry detergent in warm water and then drying it in the dryer at a warm temperature, basically doing the same thing as you would with any clothing.  The heat of the drying process reactivates the DWR.  I've tried it and it works for me.  My jacket is several years old (maybe 10?) and I wash it a couple of times per season.  It still works like new.

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I do what Posaune does, just normal washing of Goretex but then I spray "Kiwi" performance fabric protector on the fabric for increased water beading. According to the label: "Restores Durable Water Repellency (DWR) on apparel to prevent "wetting out"."


Between washings on cuffs and storm flaps etc. I use a spray on fabric cleaner and rub with a clothe from that British company Granger (?)

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I've used all the nikwax products, from tech wash, tx.direct, down wash, soft shell wash, leather treatment. Great products. Depending on how old your gear is it may just need a techwash and a drying circle to revive the DWR. If not just put it through a cycle of tx.direct after techwash then the dryer.

Yay for bring back old threads.
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Personally, I think this is some kind of spamming.  Guy has TWO posts, both about waterproofing and both mentioning this Trek7 stuff.  I'm flagging the posts.  

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