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I propose moving the Mark Forums Read button to a location that is not close to the more frequently used forum viewing commands.  Here is what we currently have:

Forum Nav More Forums | All New Posts | Mark Forums Read | New Thread

I have inadvertently marked forums read several times meaning to click on All New Posts.  My fault entirely, but an easy error to make.  Anyone else done it?  I'd just like to have that command moved to where it requires a little more effort, or brings up a"Are you Sure?" dialogue.  It is the only function on the forum nav that can't be undone, or merely reversed by going back.
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Move it, as it is easy to click.

Don't make an "Are you sure?" prompt, those are irritating because 90% of the time you are sure!
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 I agree.  I've messed myself up several times with this.
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Yeah, just move it.  Actually, I'd like a "page read" button myself for when there are pages of unread threads, but I don't know how doable that is.  Sometimes I have like 20 minutes to work on unread threads, start like back on page 6, am working my way forward, then go do something and have to start at the back again, unsure where I left off.  It'd be nice to have been able to check off the threads on pages 5 and 6 as "read" before I left.
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 While it's being moved, put it on the Home Page as well.  It's a very useful button.
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doesn;t matter where it is, does not work for me'

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Note sent to dev team.  
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