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Which pair is right for me?

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I am a cusp level 8/9 skiier who is 5'6" 120 pounds, who skies mostly in the east, but takes a couple long western trips a year. I ski all terrain, the frontside, the backside and whenever I can glade skiing. Which ski would fit these qualifications more:

2010 Blizzard 7.6 IQ 
2009 Atomic Crimson Nomad

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Hay easterpow; if you're looking for a one ski quiver for the east and west, you're asking a lot.  I would get 2 pair but if finances can't handle it then I would add the Volkl Mantra, Line 90's, K2 Explorer, Volkl AC50, K2 Apache Recon.  Most of these high end skis under 100mm waist would be great, but when you're skiing eastern ice (I lived in NH) something around 80mm would handle it better.  Depending on what you're looking for in a ski, the best bridge between the two extremes might be under 90mm waist (rules out the Mantra). 

I don't know much about the Blizzard but I've heard decent things about the Nomad.  The only negative I've heard on the Nomad is that it's a bit stiff for some, which is OK in the east but can be tough in the west.

Good Luck! 
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BUMP! please i need help 
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The Crimson Ti is an excellent one ski quiver ski. I skied the Crimson Ti last year and found that I ended up leaving my other skis in the rack most of the time. Didn't matter whether I was going out on a clinic on groomers or a ridge hike, or teaching an intermediate lesson, they handled it all very well. I "really" like this ski. So does everyone else I know who has skied them. It is a fairly stiff ski and as such doesn't have the float a powder specific ski does, but it handles everything you can throw at it with nimbleness, stability and good edge hold. Did I say I "really" like this ski? Considering your size I would go with the 169.

Haven't skied the Blizzard so I can't help you there. 
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Not sure where you came up with the two you are considering but the 7.6 would be a fine eastern choice and could work in the west as well if it hadn't snowed lately. The Crimson has enough grip to be comfortable on eastern hardpack but is wider than the 7.6 for a little better lift in slightly deeper snow. The Crimson is a better call but don't consider the Ti as it is way too stiff for your 120 lbs.

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While I tend to agree with SJ most of the time and respect his opinion, I would disagree with him about the Ti being too stiff for you if you really are an advanced 8-9 skier. Like any ski it needs to sized approriately. On the other hand the regular crimson is also a great ski. Consider that the Ti is also available in 161 as well.
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I look at it this way. The Crimson is a nice front/back combo shape for an eastern guy. It is certainly stiff enough for any 120 lb skier regardless of level. (well maybe not stiff enough for some of the level 11's around here). Going to the TI will make it even better on very hard snow and worse at everything related to backside conditions. The logic of getting an exceptionally stiff ski and then compensating with a short length escapes me.

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If you are 120 then you get more float on an 80mm wide ski than I would (200lbs)  on a 105mm wide gotama. So you don't need something 100mm wide to get good float. And if you can find an 80mm wide with an appropriate flex to offer good behavior in soft snow and torsionally rigid enough to lay down a clean carve then you are set.

I am not familiar with the skis you have in mind so I will reccomend  you look at something like the dynastar legend 8000 or its repalcement.
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Strong words SJ. Well I don't consider the crimson ti "considerably" stiff, nor do I find it a compromise for back side skiing. Quite the opposite. I spend most of my time free skiing and teaching on the "backside" and find the crimson an excellent choice. Both crimsons are popular choices at bridger bowl, which is a "backside" mountain.

How much float does a 120 lb skier need is a good question? I'll leave it up to OP. They obviously had an interest in this ski so I gave my views. The Crimson Ti is very popular here in Southwest Montana. 

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The OP expressed no interest at in the TI. It was your suggestion and yours alone. I'm glad to hear that you like it all over the mountain. I assume that you are in the 5' 6" 120# range.

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The non Ti crimson is no longer made. Maybe the op can find last years ski. And no I don't weigh 120 lbs, but then neither do you, but we both should be able to recommend skis to people who both weigh more than us and less than us, in the appropriate size. I spend a lot of time teaching skiers of this weight category in our advanced women's program so I am very familiar with this category of skier.  Cheers and let's hope it snows lots this year.
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