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Binding Location Confusion

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Where the heck is the proper binding mounting location on a pair of skis?  I was puttering with of few sets of skis and noticed something I hadn't noticed before.  When I went to adjust the bindings on my Rossi B2s, I snapped by boot in and the mid sole mark was right on the ski's line.  Then I put the boot into my Atomic Beta Races.  I can't see where or if there is a line on the skis because of the riser plates, but when I put the Atomics and Rossis side by side I noticed the Atomic's bindings are mounted way farther back (1 1/2"). Both skis are the same length. Then I broke out my K2 Magics (same length also) and their bindings layed out between the Atomics and Rossis. I've heard that bindings on Atomics are typically mounted farther back than others but this seems like a big difference.  I just got the Rossis and haven't had a chance to use them yet but I'm wondering if their binding location is going to feel weird since I'm used to the Atomic's rearward.mount.  Their is a lot less tail on the Atomics because of the rearward binding location. They do have the Variozone adjustment but this doesn't allow for much adjustment. Has anyone seen big differences in binding placement on similar size skis? Is there this much difference between manufacturers or ski types? Since the Rossi's line on the ski corresponds to my boot's mid sole mark I'm thinking these bindings are mounted properly and I'm not so sure about the Atomic's.  I bought the Atomics from a racer and I'm wondering if he custom mounted the bindings to fit his style or for some other reason. Or maybe I'm just thinking about this too much. 
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The Atomic binding is a bit different then most. There can be several things making it seem a bit back.
With the var zone and the band that holds the heel and toe it can be set in several places.
Did you have the set for your boot?
As far as the skis being different most will mount near the same spot, size being the same, but not the precise spot.
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This one gets debated quite a bit.  I suggest you google the phrase "ski binding placement fore aft" and you will get multiple articles.  To me there are two that really nail it; one is from a thread here on Epicski and the other is from realskiers.  Happy reading
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