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What does a "posted" footbed mean?

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Friends, can someone kindly explain what this means, whether I have them and if not, should I.
Three years ago I had a pair of foot beds made for me at Jay Peak. And I have used them since.
When I got fitted for a pair of Doberman Pro 130's last week, the boot guy expressed surprise that my foot beds were not "posted."
They have a red rubber material laminated on top of an off white, semi-rigid base. They are uniform in thickness - perhaps 1/4". They can be easily bended but they do keep their shape naturally.The bottom of the bed (in contact with the foot board) is basically the same contour as the top (foot side). 
So how would this configuration differ from a posted foot bed and is that important? 
Much obliged.
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Posting a footbed simply means that the cast form has been stabilized by adding a layer of material (usually e.v.a. foam) to the underside of the form.  This layer is then rendered flat by grinding material away so that the cast form does not rock and roll nor will it distort under weight bearing.  The intent is to fill the voids under the foot i.e. the lateral, medial and transverse arches of the foot and leave a flat plane from the heel to the metatarsalheads.  By doing this the foot bed will hold the foot more or less neutral and transfer the movements of the foot more effectively to the boot and ski. 
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 Posting would be another layer of material that supports that shape.  A thicker layer if material that is about 1/4" thick will be glued for instance that then would have to be ground down to carry the shell that you have now.  so that it would be more ridged.  whether it is important is sort of determined by your foot. I personally like to post the bed.  It provides a bit more stability to the foot structure.  and will distribute weight along the whole foot.  Not posting the bed can make it an easier product to produce as there are far less opportunities for problems.  

It is not a big deal however either way comfort is really the outcome you want to judge this by.  not keeping up with the Joneses.  
It sounds like a conformab blank and if you want to get it posted many shops have the foam available and can attach it in about 15 minutes. 
No worries.
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Thanks gents.
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