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OK, do your worst. I can take it...

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Taken about 5 hours ago at Xscape in Milton Keynes by Nettie using a Canon Digital Ixus.

Apologies for the quality, not allowed to use the flash, and it wasn't very bright (a bit like the skier)

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Wow!!! I've never skied inside before. Well, almost got kicked out of the Freshman dorm for running up stairs with my ski boots on....

Why do you say "do your worse"... when you can only get better (not meant as a dig).

From the front, looks good, evenly balanced between the skiis, knees lined up with boots.(slight wedge?)

The only thing I see is that with your hands low and close to your body, are you standing too straight and tall? Do you have flexion in your ankles?
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I suppose a bit of info would help...

1. The slope was a bit icy.

2. I am about to turn to my left, hence the left pole is about to be planted.

3. I was on rented skis which had safety edges (not an excuse, more a comment)

4. I was sober.

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Ok I am a bit rusty as for not teaching for a few months but, I took your photo and modified it a bit.

see if the pic shows other wise the add is

ok kind of a tough pic to rate you on, it is a snap shot of your skiing, mebbe one of how you ski all the time mebbe not.
First thing, your hands are in front of your body! good thing this will hopefully continue, you can bring them up a bit but you are on the right track. I am going to list a few things that I see that could change, look at the line of the surface and the line at your shoulders, these should be parallel to each other. You have alot of weight on your inside ski, try to more evenly distribute the weight between both feet, favoring the outside leg even, (your left leg in this circumstance).
Can't see for sure but it looks as though you have good flex at the knees ankles and hips, a shot from the side would help greatly.
Your outside leg is reaching a bit, forming a "A frame" try to turn with both edges at the same time, eg: inside/outside outside/inside.
Your on the right track keep it up, skiing take time and practice, get out there and ski.

[ July 05, 2002, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: Spyder ]
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read your reply:
if your truning to your left you need to be moving down hill with your body, as it shows now you are back and on your inside. In order to make a left turn you body needs to move up and forward.

Try this as you initate a turn punch down the fall line with your inside hand. This may also help you develop a bit of ski lead.

[ July 05, 2002, 03:20 PM: Message edited by: Spyder ]
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Hope you don't mind me taking your photo, and adding the red turn line...

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Not a prob, I can't post pics worth a damn.
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Sorry it's blurred.

Snap-happy not David Bailey :
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As Requested!

it was excellent to be able to practise my teaching on a good skier! Thanks for being a great student.
It was nice to meet you and I hope we can ski together again soon.
Here's what I think you could work on to further enhance your skills. See what you think.

Where you go next in your ski improvement programme...
How's about

Increase your range of movement (Stance and balance)
using the dragging poles excercise holding the poles at half mast. This is a real thigh burner!

Increase the sophistication of your parallel turns (Timing & Co-ordination) See Skiers Edge Fig. 7.2

using this timing. Initiation phase - move to flatten skis (to start turn)
Steering phase - extend ankles all the way to fall-line in smooth and steady motion
Completion phase - flex back to 'Ready/low athletic stance' to complete this turn and be ready for next.

Increase your upper/lower body separation (Pivoting/Stance and Balance)

by pole dragging with hands in good position and pole baskets making contact/leaving lines in snow by middle of boots.

You mentioned you felt like you were stemming turns sometimes with the pole excercise. Was this at the beginning (initiation) or end of turn (completion)?

A happy ski bunny

PS When do we get to see the edited photos?

What you might find on the forum is lots of 'your x is y' etc.

The focus can be on what is wrong not how to improve your skills to improve your skiing.

What I saw was a lot of right with areas that you could focus on to refine things.

The most productive ski instructors (admittedly for my skiiing and we all vary) I have ever worked with focused on the right and never specifically the wrong. Video is used but only shown once or twice not mulled on over and over.

I kept the excercises in the email to just a few as
1/ I didn't want to confuse you and give you too much to do
2/ I forgot

So, remember the quick demo, standing on one foot before you start the turn? That will assist both you timing and lateral stance and balance.
Don't forget that is not the way to ski just a tactic for improving your skills.

We remember things we see and think about. Remember the good stuff. Forget the less good stuff.

What I have found in life is that you are what you think. (Not you are what you think you are, which, is similar)

Think about the good stuff.

Your turn shape, coping well with an icy/slushy slope where the conditions varied very quickly (It wasn't icy all over just in patches) that meant you had to constantly shift you Centre of Mass (almost exactly your CofG) and base of support (feet), good speed...

As the chap who scribbled on your photo said 'mileage'.

we all love to know what is 'wrong' with our skiing as we think we can then make it right. Uhuh!

We learn more from other people's mistakes and our own sucesses.

[ July 05, 2002, 04:11 PM: Message edited by: Nettie ]
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Look at the photo. I wonder how long it takes for someone to mention the nice knee separation and pretty even edge angles?

I prefer the terms Awesome and Woeful myself!

Rocky slopes - woeful, rather than crap

Good turns - awesome, rather than 'but your....was ... and it should have been...'
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This coming from the "chap who scribbled"...
he asked for what we saw..., that's what I saw.
Not asking for suggestions, or knowing the skiers level that is what I saw. Yes there are good things and they should be mentioned.
Just giving him something to things about.
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Nice hat.
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Spyder, the lines you added were a great help in seeing what is going on, but I think you drew the shoulder line wrong. I see it as closer to parallel with the hip line.
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What are safety edges? :
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Originally posted by Spyder:
This coming from the "chap who scribbled"...
he asked for what we saw..., that's what I saw.
Not asking for suggestions, or knowing the skiers level that is what I saw. Yes there are good things and they should be mentioned.
Just giving him something to things about.
I didn't mean to decry your work or comment, Spyder, or imply that it was anyway invalid.
Nice of you to comment when Foxy asked you and help out with the photo.

I knew he wouldn't be able to resist posting it
The comments I posted were sent privately first and he wanted an open discusion. I am always worried about putting my Big foot in my Big mouth!

I try to work this way
Analysis - What I think
Constructive criticism - What I try not to say
Facilitating progress - what I try to do
Positive feedback - what I try to say

But don't play Contract Bridge with me as a partner 'cos all theose lofty ideals go right out of the window! :

[ July 05, 2002, 11:44 PM: Message edited by: Nettie ]
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OK, a bit more clarification from me...

1. "Safety Edges" are like safety scissors for kids - the edges are nicely rounded so you don't injure yourself, but are completely useless . OK, they weren't that bad, but I can shave with the edges on my K2s, I'd doubt if I could score a line in butter with the rentals I was on last night.

2. I would call myself an intermediate skier.

3. While I appreciate your comments (and keep them coming), I'd also like some tips for improvement.

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Relax, just do it, when you wanna get to it,

Relax, just do it, when you wanna, when you wanna TURN.

Your muscles be contractin' when you want 'em be relaxin', so take the wrinkles out of your lap and let your legs go long. That allows Mr. G to take over with his sweet pull to take your heavy stuff across the skis and over to the other side, as natural as water flowing downhill.

You be workin' it all the time, when you only need to be workin' it half the time--let Mr. G. pick up the slack at the top of the turn.
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NolosWithAttitude. Straight Outta Montana.
A classic.

[ July 06, 2002, 01:20 PM: Message edited by: milesb ]
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I had to laugh reading the Frankie lyrics you quoted here. I've just been reading your reply in my "Controversial" thread.

Thanks everyone for the input so far, and please keep it up!

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Yeah, milesb, this tomato didn't just fall off the truck.

What do you have against Montana? I have found it to be a beautiful place with nice, friendly people. Heck, the name means mountains, that should stand for some cachet around here.
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Thanks for the explanation, milesb. Now go on and ast yo baby's mama 'bout Fox. Whassup?
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Oringinally by Mr Hat
OK, do your worst. I can take it...

Sorry to tell you this but it's just all wrong. Black is out so drop the jacket and get something eye catching from descente or Bogner. (Insert sarcastic winking simley here)


PS ...... and let somebody else take the pictures next time.
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Nettie took the photo, with my camera, but flashes are not allowed in the Snozone, and they didn't have all the lights turned on in the place.
Next time I'll try to get the place better lit, and I'll borrow some of your ski gear.

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Nice thing about the digital video cam is it seems to take good shots even in poor light. The Snozone would be the test.
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It was a bit hard to see the definition with the jacket and the background, I kinda guessed a bit on body position, but it looked as if his hips were closer to level than his shoulders, kinda trying to move over with the lower body and blocking a bit with the upper.
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Yeah, I think you are right.
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Maybe next time I'll wear a bobble suit so you can clearly see my body alignment! (OK, maybe not bobbles, but maybe I could put white stickers on my suit to make it obvious, what do you think?)

I'll hopefully get a video taken with a low light digital camera the next time!

Now, how do I ski better???

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Hey Fox,

A quick question-do you feel that when you make a turn you step or transfer weight from your old outside ski (in this case your left ski) to your new outside ski? A single picture obviously won't tell the story but because your left ski has a bit more edge angle along with the complementary knee position and perhaps a bit of upper body rotation I wonder if we aren't seeing the beginning of a rotary pushoff as your turn initiation mechanism.
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Mmm, yes, I think!
I do have a definite transfer from one to the other.
I used to do the exercise of traversing on one ski (downhill), then switching to the other to make a long turn.

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