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Getting a job in Ski Town USA

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How is the job front in ski towns this winter? Is it slower than last winter?
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I imagine that most employers are being conservative this year and waiting until the season gets going,  before they determine their staffing. 
I still believe that at most resorts, if you have housing, you will be able to find some kind of job by Christmas.  
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The key this year is to apply early.  You're actually already too late.

At this point you'll be getting the last of the unfilled jobs and/or waiting for someone else to quit or get fired. 
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What do you think the outlook will be like mid season? I'll be graduating in December and moving out early January. SLC seems to be at the top of the list because of the Job outlook.
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If you don't want to work FOR a resort, there normally is lots of employment NEAR a resort, especially those developed in and around towns.

I rode a chair Friday with a kid who hates his afternoon job at a local supermarket keeping the produce section spiffy.  He's making $17 an hour and has mornings off to ski. 
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