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I picked up a nice pair of used 2005 9S Oversized skis at a swap.    They have a Rossi (Look)  140 binding with a turntable heel.   The skis have a pre-drilled binding plate

(PS) with holes marked for sole lengths so it's easy to move the bindings to accommodate different boot sizes. 

I'm  mounting them to use with a Nordica boot with a 315mm sole.  I'm looking for some advice from folks who have set these skis/bindings up in the past. 

If I install the bindings using the marked measurements on the binding plate (holes for 302-320 range) everything fits OK,  BUT...the marked boot center is a little behind the marked ski center, and the binding heel piece is close to the back end of the allowed adjustment range (as indicated by two lines on the heel piece base).    So my questions are...

-Should I ignore the markings on the plate and move the toe-piece up one set of holes to get the boot center and ski center lined up better?  When I move the toe up to the next set of holes it seems to put boot center and ski center in perfect alignment.  

-And regarding the heelpiece, should I mount this so that it falls in the middle of the adjustment range, or should I stick to the marked spacing on the binding plate?   It's not surprising to me that when I followed the markings the heel is towards the end of the range as it's a 315 sole and the marked range on the plate is 302-320 which means the boot is near the end of the range.   What is surprising, is that if I move the heel mounting back one set of holes then the binding seems to end up right in the middle of the range markings on the plate.  

Or...should I just set up using the marked holes (which seems functionally fine) and ignore the centering and range items above?  

Oh....and the forward pressure issue.   I understand you need to set this so that the screw pulls in slighly to the base of the binding, but to do that it seems like you need to get the heelpiece REALLY close to the boot heel in the open position. (like 1/8 inch)  Is it really supposed to be that close when the binding is open?  Seems like such a tight fit could be problematic on hill.  I don't see any other options, but it seems tight to me.