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A few animations--just for fun

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I am visually challenged when I try to "see" movement in three dimensions in still photos. --Denyadog, from a concurrent thread

Hi Denyadog--welcome to EpicSki! You aren't alone in finding still pictures sometimes difficult to "read." So let's put them in motion. Here are a few small animations showing a variety of skiing maneuvers and situations. Some have appeared at EpicSki previously. Others are brand new. I've made them as small as possible, for quicker loading, but this page will still take a while to load with a dialup connection (sorry). Note that all these animations are merely short, looped sequences, so they're a little rough.

Although a picture "is worth a thousand words," please don't hesitate to discuss or ask questions about any of these images.

First, the master--Ott Gangl demonstrating the classic wedeln, as he has for several years now in other threads:
Classic Wedeln--Ott Gangl

And now a random sample of contemporary skiing images:

"The Slow Line Fast"--Bob Barnes; very complete (nearly 180 degrees) basic parallel turns on smooth blue terrain.

Pivot Slips --Ric Reiter (VailSnoPro)

Pivot Slips overhead--showing the essential independent leg steering movements that Ric demonstrates so well in the previous image, and that define contemporary skiing.

Moguls--Bob Barnes

Backpedal to absorb bumps.

Big bumps The "backpedaling" motion viewed from the front.

...to be continued in the next post (EpicSki allows a maximum of eight images per post)....

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Dynamic Parallel Turns from overhead--note the independent leg steering, alignment of the upper body with the skis, and "passive" weight transfer resulting from (not causing) the turn (the darker the ski, the more relative pressure on it versus the other ski). Note also that the skis do not actually move sideways beneath the skier in the transition, as it may appear from this image.

Wedge Christie--Jenn Metz--note that all movements are "positive," into the turn--no pushing of the tails!

"Pole Boxes" in high-speed turns--Bob Barnes. "Pole Boxes" is an exercise for upper body discipline, involving keeping both poles firmly on the snow at all times, in imaginary "boxes" that extend from the sides of the boots.

Winning Slalom Laure Pequegnot of France, putting it all together in her winning run in a World Cup Slalom.

There--that should give us something to do for a while as the snow melts out from underneath us!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks Bob!! Amazing as always.
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Great shots, but no animation even on cable and 5 minutes of waiting. Good thing I don't have dial up!
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Thanks, Bob! I especially like the pivot slip ones, because they answer some questions I had about them.

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Very cool, Bob. What software program are you using?
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Hmm--Keetov--something must be wrong. They're actually pretty small files--they load in a minute or two on my dialup connection. Try again, and check your software. Good luck!

Sue--glad they helped. I'm curious--what question about pivot slips did the animations answer?

Nolo--nothing fancy. They're all done with Corel Photopaint (equivalent to Photoshop) and Corel Draw. I'm intrigued by Dartfish, which can produce photomontages instantly from video clips, but I don't have it. I'm not aware of any quick or easy ways to do these animations.

Best regards,
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A reminder to all. In the event you see any rotation in any of these photos quickly close your eyes prior to going blind.

I have begun work on a new text/video and should have it out soon. It focuses on the simple sidecut turn and the role tipping the ski on edge has in these turns.

I call it Simple Hip Inclination Teaching System.
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Thanks for sharing the great clips!!!

Looks like great material for a companion CD to go with the new edition of the book....

Good to see Ott is still going strong [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Excellent post BB.
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Hi Bob, great sequences. I have a cable modem, Roadrunner to be exact, and it took only about fifteen second to get everything moving, maybe even less.

I'm just in awe of you, skiing, writing, photography, etc. etc.

I'd like to see the CD too, remember?

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These are profound. You are so right. A moving picture is worth a thousand photos. Next to having a master skiing 10 feet in front of me, this is the best teaching tool I've encountered!

Thanks, denyadog

I have dialup (but tons of ram) and these loaded in seconds.
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I'm not getting any animation either. Not sure why. I disabled my firewall with no change. Anyone have any ideas? Later, Ric.
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Ric and Keetov--no animation at all? That is odd. These are very small files for graphics images--most are less than 50KB, so it can't be a file size issue. Can you view animated .gif files in general? (Does this smiley work? It should be two smiley faces making a toast: ) Do my images load at all?

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Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
I call it Simple Hip Inclination Teaching System.
Thanks Rusty, I just spit soda all over my desk. Gotta run...(no pun intended).
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Bob - Those are just superb illustrations. GOOD JOB & THANKS!!!!

BTW, they are coming through just fine for me.

Tom / PM

PS - Rick and KeeTov: Along the lines of what BobB is asking, look in your list of file extension associations to see what program on your computer is set up to automatically play GIFs when it sees the "GIF" file name extension. You may have installed some piece of software that inadvertently became the default player for *.gif files when it was installed, but it isn't really designed to play animated GIFs.

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Thanks Bob. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado:

Sue--glad they helped. I'm curious--what question about pivot slips did the animations answer?
I never could figure out if there was supposed to be a pause between slipping to the left and slipping to the right. Looks like there's not.

People around here don't seem to like doing drills much, but I personally love them. Nothing I love better than having a coach have me do a drill over and over until I master it. (Yes, I'm actually serious!)
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Great technique! Thanks Bob!
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Got it going. Had to check a little box in advanced under internet connections. Thanks. Nice ! Later, Ric.
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wow. cool. glad i poked my head into Instruction for the first time in forever.

Gotta echo the appreciation, Bob.
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Suweet! Dunno how Ott does the wedeln for so long--I can't do it for more than a few turns. <chuckle> That actually is a good set of images. Maybe I'll try some of what you show (that concept of backpedaling through the bumps shows promise) next week--I'll be at Squaw Valley.

........Fred ---//
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I too had a problem viewing the animated images. Turned out to be a problem with ZoneAlarm. For those running ZoneAlarm who are also unable to see the animation try the following; go to the privacy settings, click on the custom button in the Ad Blocking section, then remove the tick next to animation in the Ads to Block control panel. Reload the web page then enjoy Bob's post in all it's splendour.


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Bob's demos and Rusty's humor!

Love it!
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Originally posted by Coach13:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
I call it Simple Hip Inclination Teaching System.
Thanks Rusty, I just spit soda all over my desk. Gotta run...(no pun intended). </font>[/quote]It doesn't take much to be an expert I or II
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Thanks, Bob! What is really cool is to see the first three animations at the same time and compare the differences; upper and lower body separation, flexing and extending movements,etc.
All the skiers in these gifs have a common thread as well, they stay balanced over their feet throughout and the upper bodies remain stable which is the hallmark of great skiing. Ain't technology great?
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Here's one from the dark side:



Hope there's still snow where you are!


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Very cool, Boostertwo. My turn to ask now--how did you do that (the animation that is, not that odd thing with the plank....)? Is there a simple option that I'm not aware of that puts a transparent background into a .gif file?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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