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Volkl length?

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 My wife has decided to go with the Volkl Aurora.  At 5'1" and 110 lbs, what length?  It seems she should go the 156 as her current ski (Balanze) is 148 and she'd like to go a bit longer.  What do you think?  Again, she is a very good skier.
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Zursch, last year my wife got a pair of Volkl Luna (103/72/117). She is about 120 and 5'1 and got her the 149cm. Would rate her level as a 7-8. While were live in Maine we got them when we were in Vail. They were just perfect for boot top powder and packed powder. Back east she found them very stable and solid on hard packed. She is not an aggressive skier but has excellent, modern technique. Perfect ski and size for her.
I checked out the Aurora - considerably more ski all over, though same radius. Best advice is always to demo. I suppose if the shortest that is available in that model is the 156cm then assume it would be suitable for a woman your wife's size. But the dimensions look to me to be a ski that is more for soft snow/off piste where you would want more flotation. If you are in the East, 156cm may be a bit of work. Depends also on the configuration of the ski. Look at it carefully to see if it has an upturned tail. If so, that ski will ski shorter than one that does not.
You may want to check out the SkiDiva site. Must be some ladies there who have skied it.
Good lcuk,
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What level skier is she?  If she's an advanced skier then the 156 could be fine, but remember, Volkl's tend to be snappy skis (I'm a big fan). 

My wife is 5'7" 135 lbs, very athletic and a level 9 skier.  Her current ski of choice is a 165 K2 Lotta Love.  She rips down waist deep powder and handles ice easily with these skis.  If your wife is level 8 or above I think the 156 Aurora is a good choice.  If not you may want to look for something a little softer.  K2 has a great choice of women specific skis and the graphics are great. 
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 She skies primarily at SnowBasin in Utah, has skied for 40 years, raced in college back in the day.  I'd say she is a 9 or 9+, never has been anything she won't or can't ski.  Seems the 163 may be too much ski.
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