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Quiver or Bag?

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Now I understand that "quiver" has become the in phrase for the skis you have to pick from on any given day on the slopes. But perhaps it has more in common with a pros golf bag. I'm not an archer (or golfer either!) but it seems to me that the arrows in a quiver would need to be all the same or the sights (if equipped) would have to have multiple settings for booth arrow type and distance. On the other hand the golf bags 14 clubs all are designed for a slightly different purpose (no overlap ).

Anyone following me here?

So who's carrying a full bag this season and who show's up with just a 7 iron?

The end of the "quiver" ?  
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Neither am I an archer or (much of) a golfer. I like your analogy except a golfer is only permitted to carry 13 clubs (legally). My bag would be overstuffed; I have lots of overlap in my bag.

I happened to go hunting with my buddy during archery season. He has problems walking and no use of his left arm so doesn't like to hunt alone. I'd never seen a bow up close and the sight has multiple pins. You sight on a different pins based on distance to target. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?type=product&cmCat=Related_IPL_416612&id=0020574418213a

Very cool, yet simple technology. He also had a peep site on the string so he sighted through the peep hole, and lined up the appropriate pin to the distance and twang!
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Yes, I understand about the different pins used for the various distances with a bow. My point is that if the arrows were also different, those settings would only work with the arrow type they were sighted in with. Arrows therefore must all be as identical as possible to give repeated accuracy...

but I digress...

The golf bag has way more in common to our ski scenario than a quiver

You are of course allowed a modern or vintage bag, depending on the "course"
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 As I see it, "quiver" is more of an artistic, visual reference.  Skis don't look much like golf clubs, but they look a lot like arrows, or at least they used to.
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Not all bows have modern sights with pins, nor are they necessary for accuracy.  Also, there are many variations of arrows and points for different applications.
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My Salomon Scream 10s with the triple prong pro link gadgets kind of resemble the paraphernalia that hangs off of complex bows.
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My golf bag has woods irons and wedges from 1 manufacturer,  that would be so boring with skis. 
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If we are after an image here, what does STABLE bring to mind? 

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

If we are after an image here, what does STABLE bring to mind? 

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Anyone for ARSENAL ? 

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Good analogy and it makes sense and all, but I hate golf so I'm sticking with quiver. Actually, I usually just call it "my skis".

Really, a quiver is the thing that holds the arrows - so it really makes no sense.Same with a bag. So I guess "arsenal" would be a better term.Then again, many times I have somewhat of an actual arsenal with me when I'm going skiing (I usually don't ski armed, but I always have one of the 9mm's in the truck in case I have to finish off a deer or something and I also like to shoot the AK after a nice day of skiing) so that's confusing as well. So I guess I'm right back to"my skis". I want to get a kind of modified biathalon thing going - like regular biathalon but with AT gear and high-powered scoped long range rifles.
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'Skis' works for me. I have skis that all have personalities, a feel to them, and even if they are both 100mm, they have a completely differeent ride. so I pick the ride I'm stoked on that day. I see it like a 6 car garage with a full spectrum of wonderful machines, a 7 series BMW to a Ferrari, and a Cobra, and a......

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Harem .
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Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Nice find MR
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 I do shoot Archery, every arrow must be identical.

Quiver is for cool stuff like awesome skis and arrows to kill and eat.

Bags are for everything else like your golf clubs, your bowling ball, that ugly chick you picked up.
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All your arrows are the same setup.  The sight has different pins for different distances.  You may have different arrows for hunting, target and 3D shoots, however, and different bows also.  This is not necessary, but most people serious with the sport have multiple setups.  Much like most people serious about skiing.  Although you may have 2-3 bows, not ~15.  For what its worth, I have one bow for everything.  I don't do any serious competing, so it makes no difference.  I don't do any serious competing skiing either, but I have multiple skis.  I think having multiple skis makes more sense than having multiple bows.  I really can't bring my GS skis out west and ski powder.  That being said, if I competed with my bow (not really possible in nyc), I would have a 3D/target bow, and a separate hunting bow.  Dunno if that helps or just confuses everyone even more.

Out of all the analogies, I agree with the car one.  A quiver of ski's is like having multiple cars in your garage.

Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

Neither am I an archer or (much of) a golfer. I like your analogy except a golfer is only permitted to carry 13 clubs (legally).
14 clubs legally.
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I just proved I'm not much of a golfer

14 clubs legally. 

I must have thrown out a club to carry more beer. Beer makes my golf game better. It doesn't help my score, though.

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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

There was a video of this. I can't find it anywhere. Might have to remake it sometime. 
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Quiver is the proper word to discribe your assortment of skis. Surfers also refer to their colletion of different surfboards as a quiver.
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http://www.ojohaven.com/collectives/ I'm submitting a new one, thus:

RS has a barrecraft of old skis.
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I think I'm going to switch to the literal and say a rack of skis
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Someone said that they saw an old man carrying gear in a golf bag somewhere last year. Used it to manage getting his and his wife's gear through the parking lot.  I occasionally use a baseball bat bag for my 2 kids' gear, boots , skis,  helmets, gloves, socks etc..

What to baseball folks call their bats. a rack?
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 Bags are mundane.  Quivers are elitist.  I have a Thule box.
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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post


For the record arsenal sounds and looks better......I second arsenal.
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Sorry but neither Quiver or Bag are correct.  While shooting archery, you carry your Quiver.  when playing Golf, you carry your bag of clubs.  I don't think I've ever seen any body with more than one pair of skis on top of the mountain.  Unlike the cartoon above, we don't have packs to carry our extra, conditions specific skis.  We just make do with what we have on our feet at the time.  Arsenal works better but not perfect.  Frankly, stable is the best term although I never thought of it this way.  After all, you're only riding one horse at at time. 
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You are all wrong!.....

From Wikipedia (So it must be true!):

"In mathematics, a quiver is a directed graph where loops and multiple arrows between two vertices are allowed, i.e. a multidigraph. They are commonly used in representation theory: a representation, V, of a quiver assigns a vector space V(x) to each vertex x of the quiver and a linear map V(a) to each arrow a.

If K is a field and Γ is a quiver, then the quiver algebra or path algebra KΓ is defined as follows. A path in Γ is a sequence of arrows a1 a2 a3 ... an such that the head of ai+1 = tail of ai, using the convention of concatenating paths from right to left. Then the path algebra is a vector space having all the paths (of length ≥ 0) in the quiver as basis, and multiplication given by concatenation of paths. If two paths cannot be concatenated because the end vertex of the first is not equal to the starting vertex of the second, their product is defined to be zero. This defines an associative algebra over K. This algebra has a unit element if and only if the quiver has only finitely many vertices. In this case, the modules over KΓ are naturally identified with the representations of Γ.

If the quiver has finitely many vertices and arrows, and the end vertex and starting vertex of any path are always distinct (i.e. Q has no oriented cycles), then KΓ is a finite-dimensional hereditary algebra over K."

Which explains perfectly why we should continue to use "Quiver" when refering to a selection of skis!

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Ok, then, how about fleet?
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Originally Posted by Morrison Claystone View Post

Ok, then, how about fleet?


There appears to be some overlap...
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