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Kuro 185 or 195???

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AM considering the Kuro as a quiver ski for deep or crud days here in the NW (Crystal, Alpental, Red Mountain).  I am 51, 6' 1", 200 lbs, ski everywhere but no big air.  Like to go fast but not ballistic.  My fave skis right now are Stockli Stormrider DP Pro, which I ski in a 185, though I sometimes wish they were a little longer.

I see a lot about 175 vs 185, what about 185 vs. 195?

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sending it off cliffs or staightlining at 50+ you want the 195

skiing varied terrain, chutes, trees etc you want the 185, IMO of course, and what I see those skis can do. plenty of float in both lengths.
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If you are playing in the trees off of Northway or Eidelweise chairs that 195 is going to get real long. 

I'm your size, same area, a little older, and also prefer keeping flights to a minimum.  Rockered skis for me, 185 - 190 are long enough.  With the Kuros you can just about measure surface space in square feet.
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