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 Hello everyone, recently my friends and I have been interested in going on back country runs. I plan to take avalanche training courses and I am in the process of acquiring the necessary gear. Now the question? Skis! RIght now I ski head IM82 monsters, I love them they do great everywhere. But I want to hit the deep powder now and take it to the next level. I've been researching on here reading threads on powder. I want something that does great in the trees as well. I'm currently trying to consider which skis to buy and what bindings. On my list there are:

-Blizzard The answer ski
-Black Diamond Zealot
-Black Diamond Justice
-Dynastar Huge Trouble

Any other suggestions? Comments on the list I have already.

Also I'm 5'9 and weigh 148 lbs, I'm not sure if I want to venture into the 180 cm length because of rocker, or If I want to stay closer to the 170cm lengths.