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New Thread; Teaching; the wedge is immortal

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It will be here long after Paul is gone. Sorry I couldn't resist this.
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who's Paul? .... You're right.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Paul is what PMTS Wacko signed on as before.
The whole thing started a few month's before your first post when he came on spouting how good he was and tried to call several of the bears to the snow for a "showdown" he also very foolishly posted his phone number. When he started getting calls from some body(unknown who) He ran with his tail between his legs to AC and cried foul. We had not heard from him again until he logged in as PMTS and started in on the bears again. This time however except for that first day it has been much more civil..
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Oh this is really FUNNY!
"dead Paul" is into da Beatles... roflamo

Bob Barnes, you may have known me last two years as "DW". Does that ring a bell? Think computers... As far as other folks we may know; Joe Marco? JR Nolan? Of course Rob (Ingy) Losch. It was great to teach full time again at Breck after NOT teaching full time for two seasons. Missed it terribly.

Rusty One; I know Chris Meyers really well. His skis constantly drip on me in the locker room!

I'm gonna try to get my video camera ready
for Tuesday's "blessed event" in Skientology

So I keep amusing myself with the differences between the PSIA and PMTS instructor manuals... wish I had some of the newer PSIA videos to compare to the PMTS ones I have now. The Green/Blue Instructors Training Video is amusing. I have the PMTS Expert 2 video also.

I kinda like riding the fence between the two, it's an amusing place to be.

The whole alignment issue is a very big deal, as a bootfitter as well as an instructor. I have done some alignment work in the past, as well have making 100's of footbeds. PMTS methods seem to bring up alignment issues much sooner in a skiers "career" than the so-called TTS methods.

Most of the really "awake" PSIA instructors have been using the "new stuff" too. Bob and others are quite right that the "free foot" movements have been around in various guises for a while. But after attending a PMTS event, their is an admirable clarity to the information presented. I was impressed!

I am looking forward to a PMTS based alignment training/cert event in June.

And I still REALLY wanna work with a group of beginners with this PMTS stuff.

Hey it's ALL about skiing, but the PMTS "Skientology" differences are interesting, and the teaching method(s) are
very focused.

The reason I cert'd with PMTS is that as an instructor, I'd been getting good results with it. All the other {noticable} instructors here are right on...

It's all about the individual TEACHER, not a system!

Don'tcha just love it when the lightbulb starts floating over student's heads and folks start "turnin' and grinnin'" WHEEE!

Damn, I got some more skiers goin!

/__ SnoKarver[/ snokarver@excite.com
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Case in point Bob B. An instructor at Keystone had taken a clinic from Harb when I took a class with him. He was more than happy to show me some of the techniques, and was not "afraid for his job".

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I taught my first season at Mt Snow this year, and although was trained in the "perfect turn" system, which is allied to PSIA, I was pretty free to teach whatever worked within that.
Most of my advanced learning was in Australia, from coaches who teach in Europe, US and Canada, so my ski knowledge was largely non-PSIA. I used a lot of the advanced stuff for level 5 classes and above and when discussing tactics in training was never told not to use things because they weren't PSIA; the focus was squarely on what worked, and why it worked. I was pretty impressed with the whole attitude! It was constructive and positive.

With regard to The Wedge (I'd never encountered it before), I was sceptical at first but became a confirmed fan. Can't wait to teach it to some terminal beginners here in Oz!
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I'm interested in this statement:

>>With regard to The Wedge (I'd never encountered it before)...<< -Ant

Hey Ant, could you elaborate on this? How is this possible?

Hey gravity: please don't ask for a recommendation to secret agent school. <FONT size="1">

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Did you attend the Master's Academy at Mt Snow last December? If so, who did you ski with? I skied with Terry Barbour, and I'm wondering if I didn't ski with you that week.??
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Avoid the crowds??? Yeah. Right!

There was someone from Mt Snow, who I thought was a trainer there, who hung out with our group some of the time. He wore an ORANGE jacket. He went by some nick name that I can't remember, but for some reason I thought I remembered his real name as Todd, and that it might have been you.

If you're still there next season, I'll look for you during the 2nd week of December.
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Do you spend time in that little Children's Center building (the little building in front of the main lodge where everyone rests their skis)? The person I am referring to was seen running in and out of there constantly (and always on the radio). And the nickname could have been "murch" or possibly something much worse (yes, there were other Mt Snow folks in the group). I wish I could remember. Did you ski with Terry Barbour for a little while that week?

I think it sounds like we may have skied together for a while.
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oh well. It was worth a shot. Maybe I'll see you up there this December.
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