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Aggressor 130 vs. 150

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 A simple question, is the plastic on these two boots different? Is the only difference in flex because of the shoe being cut deeper on the 130? I'm thinking of bolting a 150 cuff onto a 130 shoe. Would that have a different flex than 150s with a cut shoe (cut on the dotted lines, so it's the same depth as the stock 130)?
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same plastic, different shoe heights.  (also the liner is lace up in 150, and a bit thicker in the 130)

we cut 150's down all the time
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 I guess I won't bother with the 130s then. I like my 150s just fine. I'm planning to stock up now that they have fallen out of favor.
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What is the price you have found them at?  I'd like a chance to match that.  I have some coming from nordica.

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