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We skied Sugar this afternoon. Was a bit crowded for a monday but it seems some of the schools are still out. Wasnt bad besides that.
A bit cool but hey its winter.
We had to leave around 330 as my work called and they need me early in Mabaine tommorow at the GE plant.I should finnish up early there so am takeing my skiis and heading to Winter Green tommorow afternoon. Seems they have a real cheep ski and stay this time of year ( thanks work)
We are going to try to squeeze a day or two in beyond this in the next couple of weeks.
My ankle I was worried about turned out to be no problem at all!! It was my knee on the inside just below the joint had me winching in pain, I knew my Quad was banged up but was really surprised my knee would hurt that much. So I need to exersize it more it seems (on the hill of course)
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Anybody know of some good lodging deals at Sugar/Beech on Jan 17th?

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 I've no idea the costs of lodging at Sugar or Beach, but, Wintergreen has some awesome midweek packages this year.  For $69.00/person (included one day's lifts and a nights stay), you can stay slope side (ask if there's a ground floor slope side available), midweek (Sunday to Thursday), at Wintergreen.  It is a farther drive then Sugar or Beech, but it has some nice runs, nice atmosphere and it's about 4.5 hours with all the high way upgrades, not the 5 hours some map programs say.  If you have a few days you may want to try it and the accommodation is a studio or one bedroom for that price,  so you have a fridge and stove and can haul up some nice wine and steaks to cook up.  A nice patio out back and if you're ground floor you can walk out your patio door to the slopes (studio 207 is an on slope, ground floor accomodation).

As your wife still likes the green runs they have really nice green terrain on the main mountain that offers a gentle slope with good snow top to bottom.
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That's a great deal, but I think Sugar is going to be it for us that weekend.  I'm hoping that you and Boot can make it up so that we can meet up.  Maybe I can convince my wife to hit the slopes with you for a little while!  Otherwise, she'll just be in the lodge drinking hot chocolate and Kahlua all day.

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I f Lisa and I come and we help your wife, will Sugar mountain ban us for ever!!!???? LOL Ooops wrong thread that was the Vail one.
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 That sounds great.  I never turn down a chance to get the skis out.  If Old Boot ends up away or busy I can always come up and do some turns with two of you.  Be happy to see if we can convince your wife the snow is not all evil.  I never turn down a chance to sit and have a coffee Baileys either.  Old Boot is hoping we can come up on the Monday, but if he can't swing the Monday off work, we'll arrange to come the Sunday, even though Old Boot is already complaining about the crowds.
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If either of you could make it either day, that would be great!  I'll send you a PM when it gets closer.


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Originally Posted by CJO View Post

Anybody know of some good lodging deals at Sugar/Beech on Jan 17th?


The Days Inn Lenoir is about 45 minutes away and is advertising $50 a night, might be able to snag it for less on Priceline. Try bidding $35 a night. We come in from the opposite direction and stay in Johnson City- VERY cheap- usually $26 a night on Priceline.
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CJ Best western in Banner Elk ask for a fireplace room. They are not to0o much and nice they have a pool outside open all year.No place to cook or anything but great location and nice.( thats where I stay)
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Im thinking of Monday the 11th as a possible day. As long as work dosen't get in the way at the last minute. As it stands right now I'm clear for Monday so even if its only a 1/2 day id be pretty stoked about gettin some turns in!!
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Thanks guys.  I picked up a room at Top of the Beech Ski Lodge before I saw these posts.  Hope it's OK, but I'm not expecting too much.  Will ski Beech on Sunday and hopefully Sugar on Monday unless you'd prefer Beech.

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 If Beech is fully open and there is no chair lift issues, I'd love to head up to Beech.  After last year being such a terrible year there, they had snow issues every time we went and broken chair lifts, we even paid once, skied 2 runs, waited at a broken chair for 30 minutes then left and paid for Sugar, Old Boot and I have been afraid to go back.  Beech posts their conditions with a disclaimer, don't ask for money back.  Kind of sad.  The day their chair broke down it was the only chair running to the top, the other chair was down for maintenance.  What was really sad about this was the chair that was broken down had been giving them trouble on the Wednesday when we were up, and the other chair was running then.  You think they would have properly fixed the chair before closing one.  The worst thing was it had been going off on overload when were there and they were running it half speed.  Any electrician worth a grain of salt would have had it fixed the first day we were there when they were running it half load (only loading every other chair, or it would shut off on overload), but they were counting on their own maintenance to get it going even after four days.  If you have any issues keep this in mind.  As it sits at this moment, Old boot has no plans for next Monday, but his work changes at the drop of a pin.  Really hoping it works out and we both get there.
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For folks who have been at Beech and Sugar recently, which would you suggest for a day this week?  I am thinking about heading up for some turns on Wednesday.  Thanks!
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Sugar has a bit more pitch for a short section at the very top.  Beech is pretty good and way less crowded.  The high speed triple was running fine wire to wire when I went last month.  I didn't ride any other lifts that day.
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I'm glad to hear they seem to have their lift issues fixed.  I actually prefer the pitch at Beech for it's consistency and was really disappointed at all the issues we hit with them last year.  Prior to last year, Old Boot and I typically drove the extra to Beech.
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Sounds like I will give Beech a try!
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Well Sunday sounds like a washout but Monday is looking pretty good (55 and sunny) to come meet CJO at Sugar or Beech.  Old Boot is never positive but it's looking promising at this moment.   I thought I'd post a new pic of Old Boot as he has a new outfit this year (his Gaper jacket if you've been reading other threads, as it's Spyder).  He's very bright and easy to spot out from anywhere on the hill.  If the jacket doesn't nail it for you as there's lots of yellow the stylish hat should clinch it.

Full Cold Weather Gaper Outfit

Happy he can ski still.

So his cold weather look, and without the face mask...  Don't mistake him the Sugar instructors in their yellow jackets!
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Oh, I forgot to mention above.  Old Boot and I are heading to Sugar tonight for night skiing.  Anyone up for it, just post, I'll not be heading out of home until around 4pm
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We've got a room in Waynesville Friday thu Sunday.  I will be skiing Cataloochee for the first time ever Saturday.  Sunday we will likely find something indoors to do like tour the Biltmore, go bowling, see a movie, whatever.  Monday morning I will be 15 minutes from Cataloochee and 2.5 hours from Sugar.  So I'm thinking I'll most likely ski Cataloochee if anywhere.  I don't know if my kids will ski or not.  I hope they decide to do so and I will devote the day to them.. But, I'm not going to make them if they say they would rather go bowling.

Sugar wasn't that crowded last year on MLK Day.  If Cataloochee is terrible, and I'm flying solo,  I might swing by Sugar or Beech Monday.

I'll know Sunday night for sure.
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OH, Cataloochee is Maggie Valley.  It looked decent.  Only one way down from the top when I looked at it but it did look like pretty decent terrain for their 15 acres.  Hope you have fun.  Let me know if you'll be at Sugar or Beech.  Old Boot has been getting phone calls about some emergency in Canada so I could be flying solo on this one too. 
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Hey guys I am still in NY. My mom had to go back into the hospital she got pneumonia after her surgery. She's okay and back out and home. But I am staying until Monday. I am going to try to ski Thursday up at Sugar or Beech depending on what the report is from you guys!
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Old Boot's looking good in that new jacket!  I hope Sunday doesn't turn out as bad as the forecast looks.. since when has the weatherman been right?  I hope both of you can make it Monday, but one is better than none!

crgildart- hope Cataloochee works for you.  If not, maybe we'll see you Monday.

theconz- sorry to hear about your mom.  Glad she's getting better.


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 Sugar was great tonight.  No crowds, the temps went down to 28, which was about perfect with no wind to not be cold and not be hot.  I've never been with so few people there, I may have to give night skiing there a more serious look in future too!
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Sounds like you had a great time!

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Musta been a school night LS
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It was a very good night.  Old_Boot and I skiied so much we didn't notice the time and it was 9:30 before we stopped to go get dinner; originally we planned to ski an hour, grab a bite, then ski another hour and some and head home.  Time got away we were having such fun with straight up and down runs (no lift lines).  I hope your weekend skiing is as much fun for both of you.  Sounds like it's confirmed now.  I'll be heading up Monday for skiing without the Old_Boot.  He got word from the office he definitely has to work on Monday.  But I will be there.  let me know where you want to ski Monday, Sugar or Beech is fine and the weather forecast for Monday is looking great.
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Keep me informed. I have to work Monday and Thursday this week ahhh. Only 2 days I have to work (so far) I narowly dodged Mexico and Canada this and next week.

Originally Posted by theconz View Post

Hey guys I am still in NY. My mom had to go back into the hospital she got pneumonia after her surgery. She's okay and back out and home. But I am staying until Monday. I am going to try to ski Thursday up at Sugar or Beech depending on what the report is from you guys!
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Whats wrong with Wed???
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I got the opportunity to ski Beech this past Wednesday for the very first time.  Nothing but blue skies, nice temps, no wind and no crowds!  I put in about 4 hours before I got a bit bored, having skied everything I wanted to ski several times.  I am thinking about trying out Sugar one of the weekdays in the next week or two.  Would love any suggestions about which days are best ... would also welcome any opportunity to take a few turns with someone else.
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I did Cataloochee with my two kids this morning. It was a mad mad mad mad world there. No instructors available when we got there so I took turns with my 6 and 7 year old.  It went pretty well.  We're gonna hit the Biltmore tomorrow during the rain and I'll go try again Monday.  If I can get there earlier and et them set up in ski school maybe I'll get to ski solo for a bit.  Regardless, it was priceless skiing with them and watching my little girl loving her first chairlift rides.

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