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LL Bean Rugged Ridge Parka

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Does anyone own or have experience with the LL Bean Rugged Ridge Parka?  I know lots of folks on these forums prefer brands like Arc'teryx and Cloudveil, but I'm just wondering what this offering from LL Bean might be like in terms of warmth and performance.
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I have one that I purchased last year.  It is a very warm coat.  I got it for snow blowing, late winter football games, or just extreme cold.  I would definitely overheat skining in it unless it was just insanely cold out.   While it is very lightweight for how warm it is you might also find it to be bit bulky for skiing.  I would say unless you get cold easy, often ski in very cold tempatures, and are just looking for a ski coat it might not be the best choice.  If you are mainly buying it for a warm coat you can ski in it might be ok as it is definitely warmer than a coat designed just for skiing.  It is well made and is waterproof.  You could always give it a try as LLBean has a very liberal return policy.  Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the quick reply.  Since the only ski vacations I get a chance to take are in Vermont, I ski no matter what the weather is (unless it's just raining!) on the days I am at the resort.  It can definitely be pretty darn chilly!  Is the fit of this jacket wide in the torso, or does it have any taper to it?  My biggest problem with ski jacket fit is that there is way too much bulk in the torso on most models that fit me in the shoulder/chest area.

Thanks again.
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You would probably find the rugged ridge parka has too much bulk in the torso area as well.   If you want to try LLBean, you might check out the Boundary Jacket.  They market it as having about the same performance for warmth as the rugged ridge parka but is designed to have a "non-bulky" fit for skiing.  That might be a better choice if you want something that can double as a ski coat and everyday coat.
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I know this is a late reply, but for anyone considering the Rugged Ridge...I own 2. I've worn them skiing in PA, VT, and Quebec. They are excellent jackets. I now usually lean towards shells while skiing, but if someone wants a good, warm jacket that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (see Acrteryx, Cloudveil) Rugged Ridge is a good choice. I've never gotten wet in them and there is a cord that pulls in at the waist and at the hem.  Also has good pockets.

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I have two of these ski jackets. One L and one M. They are 65% polyester and 35% cotton from LL Bean. I love the little thermometer on the zippers. They were never worn and have Killington Ski Patches on the right sleeves. These are waterproof.

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