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The Garage thread

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So we're looking to create a really functional space & uber organization in our garage.  Thoughts include cubbies for storage & modular units for clean organized gear.  Starting from scratch, so the design can go anywhere... 

Interested in thoughts, products for gear-quarters.

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 Designing the ultimate Garage/ Man-cave  is really dependent upon your individual needs, intended purpose, and most importantly the "budget". Here is a good place to start your "uber" wish list.. Have fun! 

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Irip, you still in Chittenden?  I would make sure you have real good light, finish the walls, plywood, paint in light/white colors for good reflection. One thing you could do is use wire shelving for part of your storage needs, its open, movable and expandable. Being open you can actually see your stuff, putting everything behind cabinet doors tends to make things lost and can never find it when you want it.
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