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Jump turns

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Hi good people,
I was watching Warren Miller (1997) film today and was stunned to realise that almost every skiier was using jump turns. They are all very good skiers, much better then I and they were on steep terrain...even the shots at Heavenly looked steep. I thought the idea was to flow smoothly and maintain contact with the surface. Am I missing the obvious?
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You're not missing anything, Ray. While most of the skiers in the "movies" in that kind of terrain are using very athletic, aggressive hop turns, there are a FEW who make smoother, rounder, "offensive" turns--usually.

Some terrain, of course, really can't be skied in control without hop turns. Extremely narrow avalanche chutes, for example, simply don't have enough width for anything but a hop, pivot the skis 180 degrees, and land on locked edges. Of course, even here, there are those skiers who make the "hop" with minimal exertion, simply letting go of the mountain and pivoting the skis the other way with their feet and legs. And there are those who really jump straight up and throw the skis around with their whole bodies, expending a huge amount of energy.

I'll probably get in trouble for this statement, but I'll say it anyway. There are many skiers who ski the steepest, gnarliest stuff, and appear in the "movies," with technically poor--or should I just say "inefficient"--movements and skills. And there are others who combine technical excellence with the required athleticism--and really make it look "easy"!

Interestingly, the ones who make something look "hard" are often the ones many people think must be the best--because they are doing something so obviously difficult, strenuous, athletic, and dangerous! Skiers who make it look really easy are not often the ones getting the hoots and hollers from the chairlift. If you can make the "extreme" look effortless, many won't notice--or buy your movie.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob,Your the man.How true about the swift&silent skier.
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Very right Bob. Some skiers (like on Ski mag covers) expend a TON of energy on a gentle slope, and then some make a 50 degree slope look easy. Here is a vid of Pierre-Yves LeBlanc at Sunshine Village (BTW that run is 50 degrees plus in places) making it look oh so easy.
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