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Splitboard for son for the Holidays-where's the deal?

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 I would like to have my son join me for back country and need to get him a snowboard set up.  He is 20 yo 6' and probably 160lbs or so.  Rides a (approximately 166cm)  Burton X now with Burton Ion boots.  I am guessing used is probably going to be my best bet since I will need a board, touring binders right? and skins.  I will check TGR Gear swap, but where else should I go?  Thanks
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Venture, Prior, Never Summer
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Voile will make the cheapest production splitboard.  Around $900 now for the Mojo.  Venture, Prior, and Neversummer are running at or over $1k.  Good deals for a used splitboard are generally at the $500-$600 mark.  Check out the for sale forum on Splitboard.com.  You can pretty much use what ever binder you want to with a splitboard. The Voile kit allows you to mount just about any binding (that uses the four hole pattern) to the plates.  You fix the angles with the pucks, so the binders will mount at the neutral stance 0 degrees.  You'll want to have binders dedicated for the splitboard as it is more time consuming to set them up vs a regular board.  Or you can get a pair of splitboard specific binders from Spark R&D for around $300 I believe.  They are nice, I need a pair...
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 killclimbz pretty much nailed it.

Voile makes great boards and there are the least expensive.  Venture and Never Summer make great boards, but they are spendy.  I like priors really well also, though all the last few are pretty spendy.


'course, as spendy as splitties are, after buying my wife an AT set up they don't seem that bad.

You could always cut one of his old boards and install a voile split kit.  Might be a fun thing to do with him.

If you want somebody to do some really professional work, you could send an old deck to http://www.customsplitboards.com/index.php?pr=Splitboards and have them do it.

The split kit doesn't come with skins, those'll be extra.

There's also this http://www.thebackcountry.net/cart/product.php?productid=23378&cat=0&page=1

Stay away from that Atomic Poacher board.  Too many tools, you have to bring your crampons to switch modes (it's a tool) and it's a complete noooooodle.

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Contact Prior directly, there is a chance they will have a factory blem, or a demo board avalible.  Just looked at thier site, and there are a few options
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X2 on staying away from the Atomic board.  That thing is a just a major back country PITA waiting to happen.

Looking for the Blems/demo's from Prior is a good idea.  That will generally take a bill off the price. 
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 Thanks for the suggestions.  I will be in touch with Prior to see what they might have out back.  Other than that I will look on the forum used sales and perhaps try my luck on Craigslist.  
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Looks like Venture has previous years model in their webstore.  But they build their boards in different widths for boot size and weight.
Plus those decks are cambered, and they are making a rocker split.  On another thread I'm trying to get impressions on their boards?
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KC - what about using snowshoes instead of getting a split board?
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Slowshoes suck donkey balls.  They are ok for an outing or two, but they are not nearly as effective for climbing ridges and such.  If you encounter snow that isn't very supportable, they quickly become a post holing nightmare.  Ski's just keep you on top of the snow 10x better.  Plus you don't have the board on your back which becomes a sail in the wind and a major annoyance in the trees.  Which being that OP looks to be in Maine, I would imagine you are going to hike through a lot of trees.  Having your board hang up on branches all the time just sucks. Been there, done that, I'm over it.  Snow shoes have their uses and will get you out there, but a splitboard opens up way more options for you.
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