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sun valley

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are there better months to visit sun valley than others? it seems the sun valley resort co. has a good deal-lodging in sv lodge and tix for $94 or so  a day....I always wanted to visit sun valley...where is sv lodge in relation to ketchum? to the lifts? are there shuttles?..better to fly into boise or haley?..
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February/March would be good.  Sun Valley lodge is very nice old lodge in the village,  which is a couple of miles from Ketchum. Yes, they have shuttles to and from town. 

Boise is about 3 hours drive.  Haley is much closer, but you probably have to connect.
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Generally, anytime after early January is good, although January can be pretty cold and late March and April can either be real nice or pretty slushy, depending on the weather that year.

Sun Valley resort and lodge are about a mile from Ketchum and about two miles from the lifts on Baldy. Good shuttles.

Flying into Hailey (about 13 miles from Sun Valley) is more expensive and subject to weather diversions. Sometimes good deals on non-stops from LA and Seattle, though (don't think they are doing Oakland anymore). Boise requires either a once a day bus (see Sun Valley web page) or renting a car.
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