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skis marked for left and right???

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this is probaly dumb, but im interested in starting to wax my own skis, and eventually tune them, do you mark your skis left and right? when you tune your edges they are tuned different inside and outside? thanks
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No.  I just randomly put them on whatever way they happen to fall on the snow.
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Several different camps:

- People who take the "R" and "L" stickers that shops often put on skis extremely seriously without being entirely sure why they're doing so.

- People who drop the skis on the snow randomly, tune them indistriminately and figure it all evens out in the end.

- People (racers, typically) who keep track of which is which and use them one way for training and freeskiing, and the other way for racing (so the edges that get dulled and knicked are on the outside when racing). This is a tad hyper, and makes you look kind of silly most of the time if you have offset tips.

- People who have somewhat elaborate schemes to tune the two sets of edges differently (e.g. with different side bevels) for use in different conditions ... or something.

- People who actually have a special reason to distinguish, like differently-modified left and right boots or something. To cite a somewhat extreme case: I have seen one person ski with different model boots on each foot, for some sort of perhaps-inexplicable fit reason, I think.
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Although if it's been a while since you tuned your edges, sometimes its fun to swap skis and see if you have better grip.  If you do, it's probably time to give them a tune.  To do this you'll have to mark your skis just so you can keep track.  Of course, you should probably tune your skis more often than "when they get pretty terrible". 
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Not a dumb question monkers. Hats off to anyone waxing and tuning their own skis - you do get to know your skis better, and, over time, you figure our what works best for different conditions. There are some good instructions and videos you can find online, youtube has some good instructional videos.  I do not mark my skis left and right, and most people I know don't either.  I know several amature racers and they do not tune inside edges differently than outside edges.  Another benefit of same tuning on both edges is that you can switch skis to the other foot throughtout the day to give you "fresher" and sharper edges, as generally, the inside edge will dull faster than the outside edge.  Go ahead and jump right in and start waxing and tuning  - no need to wait for "eventually" to do your own tuning, it's not really very difficult at all. The only thing that I would delegate to a shop is a stone grind on the bases to get the  texture, and possibly setting the base and edge bevel.  If you have new skis, they come with a factory base texture and base/edge bevel - if you are satisfied with that (which is adequate for the majority of skiers) than go ahead andget started on your own waxing and tuning. Unless your spending top dollar for a high-end wax and tune from a true professional, most waxes and tunes from a low end sporting goods store, or from a lot of resorts, are just thrown on a wax/tune machine and completed within a few seconds. This is better than nothing, at least the wax helps protect the bases - but I found it doesn't make much difference in performance.  Once you start doing it yourself, you'll find that you will get much better performance out of your skis on a variety of conditions.......and, sometimes it's nice to spend some nice quiet time in the garage with my skis, giving them the love and care they deserve.. it beats staying in the house listening to a nagging spouse!
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I do mark my skis left and right so that I know which set of edges are being worn more. Then if I want a fresh set of edges, I just switch skis. I tune them both the same.

As a start, you could buy two diamond stones - one fine and one medium. You just run the stone over each edge a few times to sharpen them, and it will make a big difference in the edging performance of the skis. I like to have edges that are sharper than I would get from a standard shop tuneup, so I will sharpen my skis after a tuneup and tend to sharpen my edges every day or two of skiing after that. And the diamond stones remove the minimum amount of metal.
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