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What's an appropriate amount, is there any guideline?

I had a great 2 hour lesson in KH, advanced bumps, really got a lot out of it. I did tip the guy, thanked him profusely, but what would have been a range of approprieate amounts?

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Tipping is a very personal thing so I would hesitate to "put a range" on tips.

If you think the lesson was private and was worth x percent more than you paid, then that percentage. if it was a group lesson that you paid 35.00 for and you felt it was worth 60.00, Make up the difference or part of the difference.

As an instructor I have learned that While tips are nice, and we are "underpaid" I don't "expect" tips. Others may have their opinions but I suspect the instructors that are there for the love of the sport find that the big smiles are the best most satisfying tips of all.
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I asked this same question about a year ago and got some great answers. check out:
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Now this is my idea of a good tip:

thanks for the great lesson
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