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13yo son - learn to ski or learn to board?

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Hi, first post! :D

We're going to Steamboat 12-21 Dec and this will be our first time skiing in N America. It will be the first time on the slopes for my 13yo son and my 9yo daughter. (16yo daughter can ski reasonably)

I was planning on ski lessons for the two youngsters but my friends are encouraging me not be be an old fuddy-duddy and want me to put son into lessons for Boarding.  Any thoughts on this? I really want him to enjoy the holiday and get hooked, but dont know which would be easier for him to learn?

Also, 9yo is very skinny / fragile - will she be better doing the snow-plough thing on skiis?

PS will the schools have started this early or will I need to arrange private tuition?

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This seems like a call for the kids to make, if they want to ski, let them ski, if they want to snowboard, let them snowboard.

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Did you consider asking them?
It is all about fashion at 13.
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It's great that you want to get them into lessons.  It will get them off to a great start.

Steamboat's Ski & Ride School will be open from Opening Day.

To better understand how Steamboat's SRS can meet your needs, I strongly encourage you to visit Steamboat's web forum.  You can contact staff there and even the Ski School Director.  Steamboat has an active Facebook site too.

Steamboat Forum http://my.steamboat.com/forum/categories/ski-snowboard-school/listForCategory
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Thanks! I will speak to the Ski School. The kids are not too bothered at this stage, although my son would probably prefer to Board but wondered if there would be a big difference in his progress over the week skiing / boarding. Big sis will be up the mountain with dad (and mum on some days) and he's keen to catch up.

Great site btw.
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I would let the kids make the call. In my experience skiing is a little easier the first day or two, but the #1 thing is that the kids have fun and WANT to be out there. Why not let them try both? Skis one day and snowboard the next.
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 Why can't he try them both?
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I'd let them choose but..........

From a personal standpoint chances are much greater that going the skiing route he will at least beable to go down some green runs by the afternoon on the first day and only get better with each run each day. Snowboarding in general is much harder to pick up. If your child gets frustrated easily he may just give up or not really enjoy himself. Snowboarding is going to be tuff to pick up in a couple days and beable to go down green runs without picking himself up numerous times down each run.
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I see a lot of young people going back to skis these days.  The wider twin tip skis are the result of the best of both snowboarding and skiing technology.  Twin tip skis provide a lot more freedom of movement to do a lot more tricks in the terrain parks.  

They should let the twin tip skis and snowboarders compete against each other in the 2010 Olympic half pipe. 
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First choice would be to let them do the one their most excited about.

If they're neutral on it, I'd go with skiing. Skiis have gotten so good it doesn't take the years it used to to become a parallel skier. Plus, I'd say skiing is more of a life-long sport. You don't have to sit on the snow all the time, don't have to remove a foot to get on the chair, etc., which will become increasingly annoying as you get older.
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Give them the choice. You want happy kids because happy kids make good ski trips.

That being said given the fact the 2 younger ones have not been on snow yet, the initial learning curve, as stated, will be shorter on skis. This could be a key to their enjoyment.

Tough call. Have a great time. You will love Steamboat. Great snow and great BBQ.
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My youngest son was about 12 or 13 when he took up snowboarding. He was already a skateboarding maniac, so it was a natural transition for him. He adapted very quickly and had little trouble learning the techniques. The skateboarding experience seemed to help a lot in his case. I'm not sure how it would turn out for a different person, though.

Three of my daughters, all older than my son, took up snowboarding also. They were not skateboarders, and all had more difficulty getting the hang of it, even though a couple of them were quite athletic.

Snowboarding appears to be more hazardous to learn, but I've never tried it, probably because it appears more hazardous.
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