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Colorado skiing - advice

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Hello to all on this forum...

We would like to hit some slopes in Rocky Mountains...coming from the east..driving to the Rockies..~14 hour car trip....
wanted to go to Banff National Park...BUT the closest big mountains we would "hit" are
the Rockies in Colorado and rather than driving more..we can get on the snow...
We like the scenery and the atmosphere of Banff town..(Canadian Rockies)and would like to find something similar in Colorado.. Please, advise,

>>intermediates/advanced east "ice" skiers>>we like scenery, hot tubs, nice mountain villages, smaller crowds, good, not too expensive dining..(some kids/teenagers in the group)

what place(resort) is great to visit and to be the "one" we are looking for in this area?

I did notice..Steamboat and Telluride...but there might be a place we did not see on the web yet.....

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Keystone is great for families!  The terrain is varied, so you could stay on green or blue groomers, or you could head to the Outback for more powder, bumps and trees.  Most of the River Run lodging has hot tubs and is within walking distance of the village where you can shop, dine out, etc.  It is not as crowded as many of the other resorts in the front range and has a nordic center, so when the kids are tired of skiing, they can do some snowshoeing or sledding.
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All the Summit County resorts would be fine.  Stay in Dillon or Frisco and you're 15-30 minutes from all of them.  Have fun!
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OP Wanted to go to BANFF for the SCENERY and ATMOSPHERE. This is NOT Summit County, which has great variety of mountains, but is essentially a big suburb.

Jackson Hole, WY has scenery and atmosphere.
Aspen has atmosphere and scenery.
Steamboat has atmosphere and scenery.
Vail and Beaver Creek have some atmosphere. and luxe.

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Telluride and Aspen in that order are the only areas in Colorado that come close to Banff for scenery...everything else may or may not have better skiing but the scenery won't even be close.....
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Agree, but T-ride would be out of his way if he's going to Canada....
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Originally Posted by Mom View Post

OP Wanted to go to BANFF for the SCENERY and ATMOSPHERE. This is NOT Summit County, which has great variety of mountains, but is essentially a big suburb.

Steamboat has atmosphere and scenery.

They must have imported the scenery at Steamboat since my last visit in March. I've always found the most interesting landmark to be the smokestacks in the distance.

None of the resorts around Summit County has anything like the scenery of Banff as you say. Atmosphere compared to Banff will be difficult as it's a real town, versus the ersatz "towns" that have sprung up around resorts. Probably the best would be Aspen or Jackson, with Breckenridge in the hunt (barely).

Overall, probably stay in the I-70 area and hit up the various resorts (A-Basin, Keystone, Copper, Vail, Beaver Creek)
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Of the resorts already mentioned, I think Jackson Hole is the best. It has both the scenary and the atmosphere. 

Aspen is not bad either, though more expensive. 

How about Big Sky? I've never been there, but I heard good thing about it.
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I revisited with an old friend tonight and i have a a free place to stay in Aspen Snowmass area. My buddy claimed he would like to ski Snowmass and it looks like we will be able to swing a quick two day trip in either a week or early to mid Jan. I've been on the Snowmass website and they only have ticket prices for four day tickets. Does nayone know what a 2 day pass is runnig this year.
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This is the second year me and mine will be skiing Summit Co. during spring break.  We get the Peaks lift tickets that are GTG at several resorts.  We're staying in Frisco this year (stayed in Dillon last year).  We hit a different mountain each day, depending on conditions.
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Originally Posted by ADay2Remember View Post

Does nayone know what a 2 day pass is runnig this year.

I don't think there is any discount for two days, so your looking at $96/day.

  The Aspen Ski Corp just anouced that every pass holder, even Classic passes,  can now purchase two 1/2" price buddy passes. 
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