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I bought my first North Face Mtn light jacket in the early 90s. I sent it back about 6 yrs ago because it just wasn't waterproof anymore. They sent me a new jacket and made me a happy customer. I've had good luck with marmot too. I figure the worst they can do is refuse to repair or replace and you might be out 1 piece of worn out gear if they don't send it back. Best case- you get new gear. It's worth the risk to me. I'm too poor to afford cheap gear and I definitely consider return policy when I buy.

BTW, that Mtn light was the beginning of the end of a relationship. My girlfriend got mad when put the money into gear instead of a ring. You never regret a gear purchase:D


Sure glad my wife wasn't sitting next to me when i read your perspective and experience on spending money on gear versus jewelry!  she wouldn't see the same level of humor in it as me.

Jewelry is a total waste.  My wife loves me.  No diamonds involved.  Diamonds are good for an abrasive, and a few other things.  Other than that they get peoples hands cut off.  My wife loves skis and ski gear more than any frickin' "Jewelry.  I am grateful for that!   BTW she loves her Bogner jacket and would rather have that at $20.00 used than a stupid rock on her finger!

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You guys/gals do realize that Bogner makes outerwear in solid colors without fancy embroidering don't you? Yes some of the stuff they design is out there but that's not what I purchase. I have 4 Bogner parka's & 1 jump suit & with exception of one parka that has some simple embroidering on the sleeve they are all just plain solid colors. The thing I like about Bogner is the functionality & quality of their products. I'm not into flashy designs. If you shop around & find closeout/liquidation sales they can be affordable also. I've never paid anything close to MSRP for any of my ski wear.

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Looking through this thread, it's sad to see the amount of disrespectful comments over such insignificant stuff, like what someone paid for their clothing.   All the insults are quite repulsive and they remind me of other types of anger and disrespect out there such as road rage.   Everyone is different and that is what make's people interesting.  Being kind to people costs nothing and actually feels good.  

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 sad ...disrespectful... insults ...repulsive ... anger and disrespect...


Excellent first post. Welcome to the community. :D


It should not entirely be a surprise that a discussion of brands like Bogner (or Kjus...) might reduce to something of a values discussion. Even their more functional gear has a certain "fashion" or "status" premium built into the pricing. And if they make anything close to the top of the line Arcteryx, Norrona, etc. in terms of function - I haven't seen it. And those brands, while hardly cheap, certainly offer more bang for your buck in terms of function. And going just a shade downmarket arguably more (though I personally favor Norrona). Yeah, no cause to beat up on someone for their preferences. And those preferences can make more or less sense in different places (say Cascades vs CO). But it is very reasonable to introduce reality into a discussion of what one is buying. And what one is not buying.

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I've always liked the look of Bogner, and have owned several pieces through the years. Including a great one piece that I'm sure Jacques would kill for. (I really need to wear it some time for a self declared retro day) I'm happy to say that I've never paid more than 60% of MSRP for any piece. One of my favorite pairs of pants now has the wardrobe equivalent of rock status and I'll probably wear them until they totally fall apart. The only outward sign that they are Bogner is that they have a tiny, classic Bogner "B" on each zipper pull, including at the boot top.
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I do love my latest Bogner!     Check it out!

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Jacque, just curious. Are you originally from the south? It's the accent ....
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Jacque, just curious. Are you originally from the south? It's the accent ....

I used to work shipping produce.  Long time.  From central CA coast.

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To a few posts :

- Bogner stuff is expensive unless you get it at end of year on sale.

- Some of the styling is pretty done-up  but they also have simple, more functional pieces.



Gorsuch was selling this Bogner jacket (without the fur) on sale for $599 in late March of last year.   Originally it was $1199.

It weighs about 2.2lbs , has 80g insulation, 20K water resistance, available in sizes 36-54, has a clean, sleek, neat & classic look in navy & white, plenty of pockets, removable hood, snow gaitors in waist and sleeves. 


One thing the Bogner thinsulate-jackets do really well are the details, such are  the end of sleeve details.  The sleeves are designed to cover a significant part of the glove and are asymetric in length so the sleeve covers more of the glove on the back-side (covers down to the knuckles) and less on the palm side (covers down the top of the palm about where the pole handle meets the upper palm .  This provides an integrated look and a very comfy & warm fit..   The sleeves are long enough to stay over the glove..  


I'm always amazed about how comfortable I am wearing this jacket with a few light layers when I'm at the top of Brekenridge @ 12,800 ft in strong wind and I'm comfortable and enjoying the whole experience when others seem to be in a panic to get off the top..

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