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Reforming a used liner vs buying new "Tecnica Dragon 120"

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 I purchased a used pair of Tecnica Dragon 120s and should be arriving tomorrow.  I tried them on in the store and love them but am not sure the condition of the liner in the ones I purchased.  I looked online to see if I could purchase a new hiper-fit liner for them to no avail.  If this is possible could someone send me the link. 

If the liner is in good shape but the previous owner's foot was a slightly different shape than mine can I take them in, reheat them, and have them reformed?  I realize that the condition of the liner will effect this but the previous owner said he only really skied on them 20 or so times. By the way the boot is an 08/09.

Thanks for your help!
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 Twenty  or  so  days  on a liner will  have compressed them  noticeably  and reheating that liner  will  not provide  a return of  the original  loft.  You  could  replace  the liner with  an  aftermarket liner  like Zip Fits  or Intuitions and  get custom fit.
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     You should be able to heat mold a Liner several time with no appreciable damage.  Wait and see what the liner looks like (the Dragon 120 is a high end boot & liner) then find a fitter and have them set up.  
By the way, you described them as ( "I tried them on in the store and love them ") ---the same size as you bought, I presume---- it has been my experience that if the boot feels great in the shop, It is to big---the most common mistake made in purchasing boots.  It should feel very tight when you first put it on if it is ever going to fit after it breaks in

Good luck 
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 I actually tried on a 29.5 and it was really comfortable and seemed to fit the shape of my foot.  I then tried on the 28.5 and it was too small and so tight it hurt to leave on for very long.  The boots I bought were a 29.0 so I was hoping they are the right size.  I am concerned about the size too but I got an excellent deal on them so if it doesn't work out I will be able to get my money back.  However I have another question for you:

If the shell is the right size and the inserts have been packed out to much would you recommend getting a custom liner, replace the liner with a new one from Tecnica (found out that I can purchase them directly from the company) or just sell them and buy a new boot?

I realize the best answer would be to wait until they arrive and see how they fit or find someone locally that sold them in 29.0 and walk around in them for a while however, I live 1.5 hours from Tahoe in CA and I've called a dozen shops and no one seems to have any of that size in stock.
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 www.snowind.com  Snowind Sports in the Grand Sierra Hotel Reno has a good selection of your size in stock.  (775) 323-9463 and has custom liners in stock and can offer any fitting services you may need!   Also, check out the sreamin deals on skier packages at the Hotel!  

What size street shoe do you wear?
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 Size 11
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 29.0 is too big bro!
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Bud is right....  and as I said, they should be very tight initially---get them molded and they will no longer feel to short.  read about shell sizing in the wiki at the top of the "Ask the boot guy's" section.
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One thing most people don't know about ski boots.
There is no such thing as a half size!  29.0 and 29.5 are the same thing.  The only difference is the insole in the whole size is thicker than the insole in the half size.  This goes for almost all brands. I can't think of one that is not this way at the moment.  Some companies will go so far as to say that the liners are sewn in half sizes but I don't believe it.  Did the person who helped you actually measure your foot.  It has been my experience that your measured ski boot size is typically one size smaller than than your shoe size. 

for informational purposes I measure size 11 and ski in a size 9 (27 mondo)  lange  314mm boot sole length.  I don't recommend down sizing this much to very many skiers but if you are buying a boot based on shoe size it probably is too big.

I think many of the boot fitters here agree that if you are skiing in your measured size then it is too big.

I wish i had an x-ray of my foot in my boot to show people!
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Just so you hear us.  29 is too big.  SIze 11 is certainly a 28 at the most and as Taoscowboy said with some work possibly a 27.  Get rid of them.
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