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Deciding which ski to buy..

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Hi there. I would like some advice from you guys. I'm gonna buy a new pair of skis, but I'm not really sure which one to grab. I'm an intermediate skier (sky most blues and difficult blues), 5feet11in, 180 pounds, male. I was looking something between the Volkl AC 20 or the Elan Magfire 78 Ski System with EL 11 Bindings... or do you have any other choices to suggest?
Thank you very much
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Hi malib;  Great choices above but I might look at he AC30 vs. the 20.  It's a little more ski and will help you move up.  Also take a look at the K2 Apace Crossfire or last years Sidewinder, which you can get a great deal on right now.  I don't think you can go wrong with any of these but check out Ski & Skiing gear of the year and if your looking at last years model, just search the web a little for reviews. 

By the way, how are your boots?  Good skis are can't make up for old, poor fitting boots. 
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Where are you going to be skiing primarily?  East, West, a lil of both??  There are a ton of skis to choose from within this category and I personally would not limit myself.  

bob4snow brings up a great point that your boots are very important and if you haven't upgraded your boots you may want to consider doing that as well.

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As SC suggested there are a lot of really good skis to choose from and the East vs. West question is key. Judging from your self described terrain preferences I'll peg you as a Level 6 ish? skier.

So.....what do you need to get better? Well #1 is training. After that, equipment can help but the wrong equipment won't help. A particularly stiff ski is not the correct call. You need something stout enough for your weight, aggressiveness level, and the speeds and terrain you will encounter both in the near term and also in the longer view. So far you have been suggested the Volkl AC30 and the K2 Sidewinder/Crossfire. Those skis are about as similar as eggs and apples.

AC30: Pretty good shape and waist width but too stiff and agressive.

Crossfire: This ski is on the stiff side too but not as bad as the above and more manageble. This is a fairly narrow ski, would challenge you a bit and could be a doable choice if your main goal is groomer skiing

Sidewinder: Very nice shape with a soft flex, Pretty good for where you are right now, but may not be great if you improve much. 

A ski that is comparable to the aggressiveness of the Crossfire but with a more versatile shape is the Nordica Nitrous CA. It is also about $200 less than the Crossfire and is one of the classic skis on today's market.

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