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Factory edge angles

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Do you know factory edge angles:
1. Head Supershape Team LR (2009/2010)
2. Rossignol Radical Race RX I-Box (2007/2008, junior)?

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Local Rossi rep. said that Radicals have 0.7 / 3 edges, but he was not sure. Is he right?
As I tune all my families skis (4 pairs) myself, I would like to be sure.
Do you have any e-mail address to contact HEAD ? My English is not good
enough to call them.
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From the Factory Bevel Wiki:



Regardless of what manufacturers claim that their "factory" bevel settings are, ALL skis, ALL models work extremely well with a 1 degree base bevel and a 3 degree side bevel.

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Do you know factory edge angles:

Set the angles that best suit your skiing style and type of snow.  The factory angles are only a guess at what won't bother most skiers.  3 & 1 is an excellent start.  Maybe .75 or .7 on the bottom except 1° toward the tip & tail.  Maybe 4° on the sides if you're very good at carving on ice.
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