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Kids and Boots

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I have both my kids enrolled in the Surefoot program. At first, I was really supportive, and thought that it was a great idea. Now, I'm not so sure.
Regarding wear and tear, my son is the worst. He scrapes his feet like no one that I have ever seen. Every year, not only does he wear thru his cat tracks, and black portion of his soles and heels, but he also wears the plastic tongue on the toes to the extent that when I mounted new clamps, the tech. had to fail him. I brought the boots to Surefoot, thinking that they would give me 1/2 of the purchase price to go towards a new pair of boots, only to be told that because he still fits in them, they didn't have to honor the agreement (or what I hoped was the agreement). 
OTOH, my daughter has had her boots for 2 years. SUrefoot told me that they will only credit 1/2 of the purchase price, if we buy new boots from them WITHIN 2 years. 
My problems:
1) What do I do about my son?
2) Should I be upset with Surefoot?
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Well...The fact that the wore the boot soles out is not really Surefoots problem, you really should not be walking around in boots that much anyways, IMO. Not sure what the Surefoot deal is, but I do a trade in program for kids, but part of the deal is that the parents/kids need to bring the boots back in to me in usable condition. I either end up selling, renting or donating kids boots from my program.
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