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DP's Video for MA/Critique

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Video Clip

These are the same pitches as Gonzo.
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Looks like some strong, smooth skiing to my untrained eye. It does look to me like a few turns are somewhat rushed resulting in some skidding at turn initiation. Also, on occasion, it appears that you could be a little more forward in your stance with you hips over your feet. Good skiing overall though.
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I see 2 problems with your skiing.

1) You initiate turns with a strong rotary movement which gets you into a skidded turn.

2) You ski too much from the backseat, which makes it hard to use the tips of the skis to develop a rounder turn.

I would work on engaging the tips of your skis and let them pull you into the new turn. Obviously this has to be done on more mild terrain initially. This will also bring you out of the backseat since there is no way to engage the tips without being on top of your skis.
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DP, IMHO I agree with tomB; to my eye your body could be more centered over your feet instead of your heels and that would reduce the need for moving "up" with your body, arms/hands and allow them to lead you (and CM) into the next turn. After all we are trying to go downhill not "up". Your arms seem to be turning your body farther than your turning skis would need. I would start with the centering of the hips over the center of the foot first and try to change the vertical motion of the CM into diagonal movement into the next turn.
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as one who skied with dp at ESAII, I will say that TomB's remarks are very similar to what Weems had dp working on, and by the end of ESAII, dp was MUCH better at calmer turn initiation and getting more forward.

since I was in his group at ESAII, I'm not commenting, as Weems saw more than I did!
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Thank you, gonz! And thanks TomB, fltlndr and coach13 for your very perceptive comments.

I agree completely- the back seat and skidding the initiation (related, of course) have been long-standing problems that I think I am beginning to get more of a handle on, especially after four days in a row of world-class coaching. I worked at the end of last season with Ric on getting more centered on the ski (and my feet), and worked quite a bit with Weems on initiating the turn from the shovel of the skis, allowing them to bite and start the carve. In looking at the video myself, I noticed that there were some turns where I seemed to get it just right, and others (most dramatically in the first turns of the first sequence) where I looked just awful. I guess this is just part of the process of integrating new movements. Anyone else? (note to Weems- to arrest ocular hemorrhage, apply direct pressure).
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