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questions about vises

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ok, more questions. i need a vise for skis and snowboards. it looks like the vises allow the ski or board to rest on top of a rubber coated pad and then is pulled down and held in place with a strap in the center, is this right? this allows you to use one vise for both skis and boards? is this setup ok or should you have a vise for skis and one for boards? do you guys have any rec. on which vise would be good for a newbie like me to start out with?
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Hopefully, some of your questions are answered in the Tuning Bench thread I just posted.

Those who get the lasso clamp approach love it, others swear by the clamping approach. For most tasks it's not about large forces by the tuner but letting the tools do the work, so bomber clamping is not always a primary concern. Here skid proof pads work fine as do friction slots for side edge work, can hold two skis and can generally increase efficiency for many tasks because you do not need to clamp and unclamp one skis at a time.
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yes it answered alot of questions, i tend to overthink things.....alot! I want to make sure i choose what will be best for my needs. Thank you  all for all the help and info, im sure i will have alot more questions, maybe buying a "kit" isnt the best approach, maybe buying the tools seperately will be best. Im doin lots of reading on here, what a great site
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I just used my Ski Man Hobby, with a lasso clamp.  Any concerns I had before using it were unfounded.  It works great, securely holds the ski and is easy to change out skis.
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mmpotash, thanks for your input, do you do snowboards also on the Ski Man Hobby vise? The Lasso Clamp looks pretty slick online, no shops around here to go look at the stuff to see how its made quality etc..... i have to be able to do boards and skis for my needs, and would like to purchase the right equipment without having stuff i dont need/wont use, and would like to do it in an economical manner of course............sucks being poor!
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It is designed for skis only.  I would think a snowboard would need a wider vise.  Here is the Hobby:
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Heck - all last season I just laid my skis over an open trash can (the large kind you wheel out to the curb) - the great thing about this is that all the wax you scrape falls directly into the trash, makes cleanup a lot easier.  This year, I finally broke down and purchased a real ski vise.  Got a good deal from RaceWax.com.  No recomendations on how I like it as I haven't used it yet.
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