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SAC vs. Tram Dock

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I thought this was interesting this morning.  These screen shots were taken at 9:08 AM EST.
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Just goes to show why I have Tramdock on my computer.
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You would think that with them being the same company that they would have the same prices or at least not offer the same products at the same time at different prices.
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 could it possibly be a typo? like when they had hose skis up on tramdock for a $1?
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1 dollar deals are not a typo (at least at SAC), but you need quick reflexes and a fast connection. SAC has 1 dollar deals nearly every day.

Interesting issue on those jackets, surely someone from BC can explain.
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It really has to do with the sizes that are left.  If only XXL and XS are left the price goes down rapidly.  I check both sites constantly during the day and when only the odd sizes are left you can watch the price drop. 
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Try  www.cleansnipe.com

It has SAC, Tramdock, and several other gear deal websites on one page. 

Also, www.gearscan.com  It's a slicker looking page but much the same content as Cleansnipe
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