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Just waiting for it

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When the snowgods have been so kind and sent us their wonderful cold and white makings, it usualy takes about 5 seconds before the first
snowloving rookie asks me: How do I do a 360?

But I can see that the question has`nt poped up yet here, so what is it? Are there no snow over there?
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Hey, how is the healing and rehab coming along? I predict you will be limping up any hill you can find and riding down on garbage can lids by mid January!
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Hi Einarni--

Are you asking about a 360 in the air, or on the snow?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Rehab is going quit well. But It seems like this is going to be the best snow year in since 1997 her in northern Norway. It came down 40 cm(about 28 inches) during the nigth.
That`s life..........

In the AIR, the AIR!!!!

Questions about jibbig, just ask me.( if your not asking for a trick thats insainly difficult to explain). :
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edit: heh, I thought you were -asking- how to do a 360....here's my technique, in any case:

I haven't tried a 360 on skis yet(this season, it's on!), but I daresay it's the same as on rollerblades...when you're about to crest the jump, bump, cliff, or whatever is sending you into the heavens, turn your upper body the opposite way you want to rotate in the air, and keep your arms partially extended. As you hit the end of the ramp, snap your body in the direction you want to go. Overrotation will occur if you do this too hard , underrotation if you don't do it hard enough, so practice somewhere where you won't get yourself killed [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Go in with a good distance between your feet, use your feet to start the rotation, don`t jerk your overbody. Use of the overbody is not important before your going for a 720. You will most likely spin of axis if you try to use your upperbody when your learning to do a 360.
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