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newbie tuning bench?

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i am interested in getting started waxing and tuning my own skis and would like to know if any of you guys use folding sawhorses to secure your vises to, and how it works. I have limited room keeping in mind that skis should be at room temp, rules out the garage. thank you for your help,
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I made one very similar to the one in this thread: www.epicski.com/forum/thread/65563/30-00-tuning-bench

It works great, and it was super cheap to put together.
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thats just what i was considering, i have another question, what is the groove routed in the base for? i read somewhere so you can slide the vises wherever you want? The vises ive seen so far clamped to the base, am i missing something or havent looked at enough yet? I need to be able to do skis and snowboards for my setup. This looks like it would be perfect for my very limited space. Thanks guys for all the info and sharing the pics!   Really helps a newbie like me ALOT!
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A conventional/traditional clamping vise typical clamps the ski or ski binding and is clamping to a bench or tuning stand.
For both skis (including fat) and snowboards something like a Board Gripper,

Tools4Boards Cinch or Tuning Vise work well and can all be clamped to and moved along a bench or stand edge. The T4B vises were designed to integrate with the T4B Terminator Tuning stand and are connected wtih a knob and bolt for easy rotation and slides to quickly change positions.
The ski(s) or snowboard are secured using a lasso clamp:

The groove with an extruded aluminum T-track in a bench or stand plays off this concept.

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the "Cinch" vise will hold skis and snowboards both flat and on edge correct? sorry for all the dumb questions guys, just trying to learn all i can
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Originally Posted by monkers View Post

the "Cinch" vise will hold skis and snowboards both flat and on edge correct? sorry for all the dumb questions guys, just trying to learn all i can

Yes, as does the Board Gripper and Tuning Vise. The Cinch has friction slot and clamp:


Here's our page on the Cinch. And Lou Dawson's review at Wildsnow for additional insights.
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whats the difference between the Cinch and Tuning vise?
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The Cinch's pad can be rotated and canted to different angles and has the side clamp shown above.

The Tuning Vise is a simplified version with fixed pads and a center slot for edge work. It was originally for snowboards and comes without the lasso clamp, unless you add it as an upgrade.

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thanks again, looks like the Cinch is what i would need
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