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Gotama sizing question

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I am 165lbs, 6'1, advanced skier. I ski in the northwest (Idaho). I already have a Volkl Bridge in a 169 (kind of outgrown it) and thinking about buying the 2010 Volkl Gotama. I ski a lot in light chopped up powder in the trees and go in the park a little. The main question is What size do I go with, the 178 or the 186? Right now I'm thinking of the 186 because I've heard it skis short with the rocker in the front and back of the ski. So.. what length?

thanks in advance

P.S. What size should I choose if I went with the S7 (176 or 188)?
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I'm 5'8" 170lbs and ski a 170 Mantra.  In the Goat at your height the question is how versatile do you want the ski.  If you want the Goat to be more nimble then go with the 176.  If you're bombing down the steeps or powder, then the 188.  For my height & skill I could have gone with the 177 Mantra but I travel with only one pair of skis so the more versatile 170 suited me better.  Frankly I don't think you can go wrong either way. 
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I'm your size and own the older Got in 183, and would go for the 186 Got or the 188 S7.
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New goat has an early rise which will make it ski shorter, however this years is more "true to size" than the previous generation of which I own a gold 183 which skis very short IMO..  At your size I would try the 186 if you plan on skiing mostly open areas out of the trees and would step down if you plan on skiing the trees alot...
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I was just looking at some of this years Gotamas down at the shop.  With the tip & tail rocker the cantact length is pretty short.  I would go as long as you can without being freaked out, in either of the skis you mentioned.
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I think you need to be careful with the "one size fits all" common advice to go "bigger" w/ rockered skis. It is true to a point - but there are a whole lot of different rockered designs these days. There's no reason to expect a '10 goat will ski like a Praxis Powder - or even a different flavor of sidecut design like the S7. Skis like S7s have a short cambered section with what amounts to an early taper "prow" at the tip & tail. That's rather different than the goat. The goat is full reverse camber - and has a sidecut that runs almost its entire length. Laying that ski over on firm snow should generate a ton of engaged edge (vs something like an S7 or JJ). 

I have yet to ski the new goat, so I can't comment on its specific characteristics (other than extrapolation from the Kuro) or on the different lengths - but I'd be inclined to think about the specific ski in question, you,  & your intended use - and not just blindly jump on the longest length around. My intuition is that 1SDSKIER may be on the right track.

The sizing chart posted at Evo might prove interesting -
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 6', 212lbs

2010 Gotama in 186 is a nice length and seem real agile skiing Vermont, NH and Maine.
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OK, I think I'm going to go for the 188 S7 or the 186 Gotama if I can get a chance to ski them because I'm 15 and still growing.

thanks for the info
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