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They should make him ride a bike for transportation.

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Driver who targeted cyclists gets probationary sentence


Some reader comments parallel this thread........

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Cyclists riding like dicks and a driver with some mental problems and poor impulse control. 

On the same road by me that often has an issue with cyclists hogging lanes, etc., there was a large group of bikers of the motorcycle variety today.  Like, possibly the 1% variety.  They stopped at traffic lights, made safe lane changes...it ain't hard.

The comments to the article that Alpinord linked are worth reading while bearing in mind the current effort in CO to allow cyclists to be banned from county roads.  Cyclists failing to keep right, riding two abreast, "bike rights" activists involved in multiple altercations...
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I was on a group road ride, riding single file, on a road marked as a state bike route, when a guy driving a pickup truck swerved in front of us, and slammed on his brakes in in the middle of the road.  Another rider and I ended up bouncing off the tailgate.  My friend broke his collarbone and I lucked out with just a lot of bruises.  The driver got out of his car and started cursing us all out for riding on the road.  We called 911, but he drove away before the police came.  Long story short, it went to court, and he got off the charges of reckless driving...the judge said if the charges had been "careless driving" he would have been charged.  Then the judge began lecturing me and my cyclist friend with the broken collarbone about "holding up traffic" on the roads, running stop signs, etc., when neither of us do that; we try to follow the rules of the road and be as courteous as we can.  Unfortunately there's a large group of racers who train here who have a terrible reputation of hogging the road, running stop signs, giving the finger to drivers, and the rest of us get lumped into that group and judged as if we were them.  So when incidents do happen here where the driver is clearly at fault, it's rare that the driver gets charged.
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