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November 2nd site updates

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Hi Everyone! 

Thanks to all of you who have taken some time to give us your feedback on the new activity stream.  We'll be updating this site this afternoon with a few adjustments for you.  Here are some things to look for:

  • All content in the activity stream will fully display in reverse chronological order - some of you mentioned clicking the "More" button and seeing some duplications of threads.  This issue will be resolved and the stream will keep adding content in reverse chronological order based on last post when you click to see "More."  You'll still occasionally see the refresh icon at the top of the stream to the right of the "Settings" tab - clicking on this will refresh the stream with all the latest content at the top.
  • IE6 users will see a couple of modifications to the stream aesthetics so that word wrapping will perform a bit better for threads with longer titles; you'll also see the missing + buttons return for threads you've posted in.
  • Post edits which were previously displaying when you expanded a thread action item in the feed will no longer appear when you are viewing Summary View.
  • Any information about which threads have been tagged will also no longer appear when you are viewing Summary View.  For these last two bullets, remember you can also see more if you uncheck the "Summary View" box on the settings tab.
  • Your settings preferences (Summary View or detailed view) were not sticking previously when you navigated back with your browser's back button - this issue will now be fully resolved.

Thanks again! 
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Awesome. I really appreciate the heads up.
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 I'm looking forward to it.
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 Hey dev folks, be sure to take a look at the activity stream in the Epic classic style.

I have been using that exclusively and just am trying the new Blue and White.  Some of the formatting is off in the classic style and I bet a lot of people use it.

The Subscriptions button was down below the dot and almost touching the top of the Settings button is one thing I just noticed.  

Worth a look on your part.
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