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Atomic SX:10 B5 173 or 180?

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Hi guys, I'm new to these forums, and I'd appreciate some help on buying some new (if old stock) skis. 

Right now I have a pair of  '05 Metron 9's that are 164cm.  I'm 5'10" and at the time I bought those, I was around 160lbs.  Right now I'm around 200lbs (sitting at a desk for 2 years will do that), but I'm working on getting down to around 180lbs.  Ever since I bought the Metrons I've felt like I should have bought the next length up from that, but overall I really like them as all around skis.  I'm an aggressive skier, and I generally like fast sweeping turns at high speed.  I'd like to get some longer, stiffer skis that would really shine at that type of skiing, and have my Metrons to work on my bump/off-piste skiing.  I remember trying some SX:9's before buying the Metrons an absolutely loving them on the groomers, so I went looking for something similar.   

I'm looking to buy some '07 SX:10 B5's on closeout, but I'm having trouble deciding what length to get.  I found a deal on some 173s with Neox 412 bindings for about 480, and some 180s with Neox 312 bindings for 600.  The money's not so much the issue, I'd rather pay an extra 120 and not regret my choice for years.  From the research that I've done, it seems like at the weight I am now, both lengths would be fine, but if I can manage to shed some unecessary weight, the 173s will serve me better. 

The only thing holding me back from jumping on the 173s is the regret I had going with the 164 Metron 9s that the shop guy convinced me into.  I'd really hate to regret going with the shorter ski a second time in a row. 

I'd appreciate any advice, thanks.
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I know there's not any objective right or wrong answer for my situation, but I'd appreciate any opinions you might have one way or the other. Thanks.
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I skied the SX9,Metron9 and the Metron10, All were 170+cm. I am about your size too. IMO the 173's would be my choice if you like to turn. Want to go faster then 180's.
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Thanks Slider.  One thing I'm not too solid on is my understanding of exactly how much 7cm can really affect the handling of the ski, as well as how much 15 or 20 pounds can. 
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I have some 2007 atomic skis for sale. They are 173 supercross sx10. I hate the thought of having to get rid of thenm but I have another pair as a present this year! They are excellent skis which cut through anything ! they have been used for 4 weeks and I am looking for £150 for them. The best skis I have ever owned!

You probably dont need them now thogh as this reply is so late!



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I have some SX:B5's in a 174 that I am selling, are you interested? $300 w/ neox bindings.

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