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Blackjack, MI

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I see that Blackjack plans to open this season (http://www.skiblackjack.com).  Anyone have any news about it?  Did Indianhead buy it?  Will it be open seven days a week?
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All I know is what I read in the papers:

Indianhead didn't buy it, but somebody else did.  Or is in the process of buying it...
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I exchanged emails with the operator today, and yes indeed they plan to reopen in December.
Sale was not completed in time for them to get marketing together for the Chicago ski show, but they are back in action!

I for one am quite happy about that.
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How does terrain compare to other Ironwood area resorts (i.e., Indianhead, Powderhorn, Whitecap)?
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Its similar to Indianhead in terrain. In otherwords nothing real special. They use to cater to the snowboard side of things more then the other resorts under the old ownership, who knows now. 

Whitecap I've found to have the most challenging terrain in that area.

Really want to have a blast. Forget Big Snow Country area and head to Houghton. Grab a room for a few nites(cheap) with some buddies and hit up Mt. Bohemia(about 30-40 min. drive from there) for a long weekend. It blows anything else away big time in the midwest.

To me coming from IL you pass alot of hills that aren't much different then Big Snow Country. Better snow generally in UP but overall terrain isn't really any better then Cascade, Devils Head, and Granite Peak. Mt Bohemia offeres terrain that none of the rest of them can even compare to.
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More information on who bought Blackjack:

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