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10 year old with big feet

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No this is not a joke. So I took my sons for their seasonal rentals this weekend. My 10 year old wears a 9.5 in street shoes and measured out at a 27.0 mondo, not 27.5. He is 5' and 105 lbs. He did not fit in any of the junior boots. So we had to go up to an adult boot. The first boot he tried on was a Tecnica ( I forget the model). It fit, but he could not flex it.

So we went to a Nordica One-Fiftyfive, new out of the box. 55 being the flex. We sized down and he got a good fit and seemed to be able to flex the boot.

I am wondering about others who have been through this before. (Moving a big young kid up to an adult boot) He is very strong and athletic, but I am concerned that it might be too much boot for a 10 year old. Another 10-15 lbs on his body and I would not think 2x about this.
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 We run into this a lot with kids season leases (we do 3,000+/yr). It is a fine line to walk getting them fit with putting them in a boot that they can fit in and still flex. Your choices are limited with many leases and rentals, sometimes you have to step us and buy new to get the best balance. 
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Philpug based upon his height, weight and athleticism would, at least on paper, a flex of 55 be too much for him or about right.
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I don't know whether it's hormones or what. Over the last couple of years working at our swap, I have run into several young kids with huge feet (yes, they are for real because I shell fitted them). Then at the same time, I have adults going through kids' stuff in the 20.5 to 22 range. It's just weird.

Back to the point... Basically, you have two choices. One is a large enough jr boot. Two is a entry level (or any really soft) adult (preferrably womens) boot with a low cuff.

The latter is easy to arrange but it's probably not the best choice if the kid is planning on skiing a lot and/or skiing hard. The liner would pack out or even break down even before the end of the season. Also, the adult boots tend to run quite a bit heavier.

Now, OTOH, while Jr boots are harder to find, it may be more suitable for a child his size and age. The Rossi Comp J4 (4 buckles) is a good option and they come in as big as 26.5. I would suspect that to be hard to locate at a swap but a store can probably order one for him (and fit him properly) for under $150.

As far as the flex goes, I think as long as you stay under 55 ot 60 you should be OK.
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Thanks chanwmr. Junior boots would only work if he could size down. He complained about the toe box in the junior boots, which as you would expect is smaller.
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Feet tend to be the first part of the body to grow. They also tend to be the first part of the body to stop growing. My two daughters shoe size stopped increasing at age 13 and my son's shoe size stabilized at age 14.

I would buy a good entry level adult boot, and hope for 3 years of usage. The liner will pack-out creating some room for additional growth.

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