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intermediate ski to learn on

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I am a novice/intermediate skier looking for a good ski to help me learn. I ski mostly on hard/icy conditions.

What ski would be best? I'm wondering about some of the following skis...

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>dynastar agyl
<LI>volant epic
<LI>rossi viper
<LI>k2 mach
<LI>salomon verse
<LI>head cyclone
<LI>head cyber light[/list]
if anyone has any other suggestions let me know.


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I know three of those:
Salomon Verse, Rossi Viper & K2 Mach.
Unless you are very small & light, I'd rule out the verse, it is very soft.

Can we have a bit more info:
Weigh, height, how much skiing you've done, what you will/won't go down...

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I am 5'8" 130 lbs. female....I skied a little bit 3 or 4 years ago soing mostly bunny slopes and easy intermediates. Since then I have been snowboarding.

I tried skiing again this year and took 6 lessons. I feel very comfortable on the intermediate slopes....a little challenged on the steep/icy sections. I am keeping my skis fairly parallel but feel like I still have to work on some of the basics like staying forward and not forcing my skis around the turns.

I want to find something fairly easy that is good on the icy eastern conditions.
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Look at the Volkl line. 3 degree edge bevel gives pretty nice hold on eastern ice.
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From personal experience I can tell you that the volant epic is a great learning ski with excellent edge hold on hard\icy snow. It's also very forgiving and does the work for you, which is a nice thing if you are not an advanced or very aggressive skier. Stiffer skis can sometimes seemingly have a mind of their own, especially in icy conditions with a less aggressive skier at the helm. skidoc
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Ok, I have done some more research and I think I have ruled out the k2 mach, head cyber light, and rossi viper as being too advanced. So, here's my updated list of considerations:

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>dynastar agyl
<LI>volant epic
<LI>salomon verse
<LI>rossi t-power saphr cx
<LI>head carve light
<LI>head carve 8
<LI>volkl carver V1 20/20[/list]
I am a bit confused about the volant epic....i have found the epic T3, gravity epic, and vertex epic, but no plain "epics"....?

i cant find enough info on the agyls...is that because they are new or are they not that good? i haven't been able to determine if they are any good on ice.

so far I really like what I have heard about the salomon verse.

I am going to try to demo a few this weekend...i'm hoping for some more input to help me narrow down my options.
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Hi, rin, welcome to EpicSki. You've come to the right place. First, if you want to read details on skis, go to the part of this site - not the forum - about gear. That will lead you to the manufacturers' sites with details. Second, the T-Power Saphir is one you hould seriously consider - it's made for female anatomy and will allow you to learn and also to enjoy what you learn. Third, although I myself have not much experience with Volants, the are said to be smooth, easy skis that also handle ice well, and they have a number of different models. Whenever I see a skier on Volants, I make a point to stop and chat - they all have such glowing things to say about them.

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Dear Rin,
the volant you would want to check out would be the vertex epic or the vertex super. The epic has a bit more width but both would probably feel very comfortable. The vertex super was given excellent reviews by two ski publications as forgiving yet versatile skis. My wife has them and she really likes em. skidoc
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My advice would have to steer you towards the rossi t-power saphir cx. If you decide that you do not like that ski, i would ask you to consider the K2 t-nine flight or the 5500. The flight is the womens model of the 5500. If you decide to buy the salomon verse i would steer you towards either the verse 9 or the verse 10 pilot... I have never believed in short wide soft skis for eastern snow. Have fun
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I had a chance to demo a few skis today. The conditions were mostly sugar/slush w/ exposed hardpack and ice. Here's what I found:

Volkl V3 Carver 20/20 (163) - felt a little heavy, pretty good grip on the ice

Salomon Scream 8 Pilot W (160) - liked much better than the Volkl, softer and more forgiving, ok on the ice but it was a little skittery (probably my technique more than the ski itself)

Rossignol Bandit XL (160) - probably my least favorite...heavy and wide, ok on the ice

Atomic Beta Carv 8.18 (160) - favorite ski of the day, fairly soft and very light, forgiving, easy to turn, great on the ice and through the thick chopped up areas, gave me confidence

I got back on the Screams after the Atomics and decided that I definitely liked the Atomics....they felt much more stable.

I'd be interested to hear how my less-than-knowladgable opinions of these skis compare to those of anyone else who has experience with them.

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