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Skiing in France

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I'm planning a skiing trip to France, Nice. I have been searching for skiing resorts near Nice and I have found a couple, but the problem is that I cannot decide which one to choose...
I'm thinking about the Isola resort, but I have heard that it's very small..

Also, maybe someone could advise a hotel somewhere near the skiing resorts and car hire company at Nice airport.
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Hi Leostrang, welcome to EpicSki.
Isola is the only resort close to Nice. It is small comapred to most French resorts, but there's enough skiing in the area to keep you busy for a few days.

Is there any reason you are choosing to fly in to Nice?
If you wanted access to larger ski areas, fly in to Marseille and get the TGV train to Lyon (or fly direct to Lyon) - that opens up all the big areas such as the 3 Valleys and Espace Killy.

For car hire, I'd go with Holiday Autos or Sixt.

(edit: I've moved the thread to the Eurozone, you're more likely to get replies here)
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Hi Leostrang!

I can understand your doubt!

As you are going to rent a car I think you'll not have problems to drive a bit more and get the Trois Valles, La Cluzas, Les Arcs, Chamonix, etc.

We are  trying to chose a place to ski in France, as well. And it's not an easy choice! Many places!

Good Luck!
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Can you fly to Grenoble?
It's fairly close to Les Deux Alpes and you can easily get a bus ride. I'd guess I'd call that place the "Killington" of the Alpes, since the town is quite young. There's an older town down below connected by gondola. I've only been to Les2Alpes in summer though - fabulous for summer skiing. It's plenty big.  Alpes D'Huez is also on the way. Tour de France visited both those towns in recent years.

La Grave is very, very close to Les2Alpes. There's some extremely serious skiing there if you want it with a guide. There's some less serious too. It's arguably the toughest lift served skiing in the world.

Here's map:  click the map on the right


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I skied Val D'Isere and Tignes last year, excellent resort. Going to Courchevel in Feb. 2010, should be great.  The south of France Alps actually have received more snowfall than the north in recent years.  Isola and Olron are good resorts.  Wouldn't fly into Marseille, it's further than Nice, your best bet is Lyon or actually Torino, Italy.  Espace Killy is right on the other side of Torino. Of course remember that all mountain passes are closed in the winter so you'll always have to take the long way around.
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skierval, my reason for saying Marseille rather than Nice is about getting up to Lyon - a lot easier on the TGV, or even driving up the E15 to Valence and over to Grenoble that way.
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We are going to Nice because I have some friends in Nice and I would like to meet them.


edlam: I searched up the resorts that you suggested and I will discuss it with my friends who are traveling with me and maybe we will choose to go to one of the resorts that you suggested. 

Wear the fox hat:
One of my friends found a car hire company named Decode Car Hire, because they have low prices for Nice airport. Do you know something about this company??
I have had some problems in the past with car hire companies and this time I would like to make sure that the company that I choose is reliable.

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I haven't heard of Decode before - I've just done some searches on the internet and they appear to be OK.
They are a brokerage, so you will be getting the car from a different company, but don't worry about that.
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Hey !

We are searching for the place to ski, the way to get in there(train X car) etc, etc, etc.

At this time we are considering Les Arcs, as we had found good package for few 5 days. Also, my preference is to get there by car, 'cos, it allow us to drive around and see many other close places and a bit more liberty.

As Leostrang, we have had some problems with Hertz last time. They brought us a car without winter tires(knowing we are going to drive to the alps) and we got involved in a car crash on the Austian Alps(Stubai). Nobody hurts(thanks God!),  a lot of problems, incompetency and  day(of ski) lost... We just haven't major problems because we did a Total insurance plan from Brasil.  

For the next time I'm looking for renting a car with winter tires. We are trying Avis and, for sure, this is very expensive. The difference for a regular car is about 200euro plus.

BTW, other plan is to come from Paris to Bourg St Maurice, by train and stay at Arcs without a car and get back to Annecy and rent a regular car to the rest of the trip. I think iit's not mandatory (and secure) to have winter tires outside of Alps, that's it?

Have anyone some experience in that matter? Sugestions?

Thanks !
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Now i have made the booking with Decode car hire and received my rental voucher.. I hope that everything goes smooth with them!
I also have sent an email asking about the winter tires and Decode replied that I shouldn't worry about the tires and the winter tires will be arranged for me.  I will tell you about me experience with this company when I get back. The name of the company that I will be renting the car is France Cars.. The prices at Decode Car Hire website are really low and about the service I will tell you when I will be back.
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Hi LeoStrang!

Well, we've chose for Les Arcs1950.
We've got there by car, since at that time (5pm) the weather was good and the road was clear(but start to snow just at the time we arrive up there -6Cº!!). So, quickly drop the baggage(a lot of) off and drove back to Albertville to return the car, got a train to Bourg St Maurice, the Funicular to Arc1600 and the free bus to Arcs 1950.Yes, a n adventure, but 9PM I was back in there, a hot bath , got relaxed to enjoy a glass of Bordeaux. 

Why we did it?  Ease to explain: 70 Euros to parking, + 5 days of car rental(and not use it!) = very expensive.

On the way back, we call a taxi to Bourg,  got a train to Annecy, rent another car and Voila drove back to Paris.  I think, it works perfectly!!!!

BTW, At NICE we were notice that they have 3 to 4 places to ski not so far. Not big places for sure but about 1 hour (90Km)from Nice, by car or bus. One of those places have a regular bus service by 1Euro, each way.

That's it!

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Oh yes I forgot to say!!!

The ski is awesome!!!!
Les Arcs is huge! We skied four days and didn't cover all the pistes. Good and fast lift system, no line waits, well groomed slopes and lots of natural terrain, trees and so on. In fact, You aren't at one mountain, but in a mountain chain, and Just the Les Arcs sector(paradiski is far bigger) have at least 5 mountain faces and a variety of pistes and lifts.

Les Arcs 1950 is a "petit village" close to Arcs 2000, linked by a cabriolet. Totally ski-in-and-out, you can put the skis and begin to slid at the hotel door and back skiing 'till the door.

I do recomend  Les Arcs !

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