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Gapers looking for modestly-priced ski destinations (UT, CO, NM)

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Hello everyone on epicski.com. I am planning a winter vacation. I recently purchased the Sofa Ski School DVD, so I will definitely be ready to hit the double black diamonds when I hit the slopes.

Here are some details
1. We're 3 middle class people, can't afford the big money places, but don't want a dorm. Also they aren't hardcore skiers who will ski all day and basically come in to sleep and then start up in the morning at start. We'll be looking for something to do besides skiing a couple of nights, like drinking--we're from Wisconsin after all. We don't do dance clubs; a bar is fine.
2. My friends are beginner skiers but I was at Alta last year and know they would enjoy skiing there. I am a novice with a little experience and ski blues mostly.
3. We'd be staying a week (Monday - Monday) so could possibly split it up to maybe Park City and Alta.
4. We can ski during the week when there aren't as many crowds.
5. We'd need a rental car if we stay outside of the mountain, are shuttles from the airport a good option?

I've been to Keystone CO, Copper Mountain, Solitude UT, and Alta. I've never been to Taos, Aspen, Telluride, Park City, Vail, Breckenridge. I'm looking for suggestions from people who've had good and bad experiences and found good values and fun. If anyone can contribute a few moments to give me some advice, I would be happy to buy you a beer if I ever meet you out there. I'm sure there are about 500 topics like this one right now so if the administrator wants to delete this thread I will understand.
Can you do this for ~$600 + airfare?

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<---Brew City also...

If you want a night life might as well axe Taos and Telluride, unless you are willing to travel 1 1/2 hours from Taos to Sante Fe.

I'm off to Taos for the ski week in late Jan.  Telluride and Taos are basically just ski towns, though if as you stated you just want a beer I imagine they can meet that need.  I was choosing between both of these locations because I wanted something unique wiht smaller lift lines and quality skiing which both of them have.

Have fun.
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Are you talking $600 pp? And are you including lift tickets in this price? If so...no. If just lodging, yes.
You can stay in Breck at the Fireside Inn or Breck Inn for around that price pp or you could stay in Frisco and take shuttle in. Lots of stuff to do in Breck (good bars and restaurants a such as Eric's, Ullr's, Breck Prew Pub would fit your bill), You can shuttle from Denver airport (about 1.45 min) on Resort Express but cheaper just to rent a car.  You can also ski Keystone and Abasin, but Breck has all types of terrain to suit your needs.
Park City would also be a good choice (alot to do-good bars such as No Name, O'Shucks, Doolan's, plus Olympic park) with three ski resorts (DV, PC and Canyons) within a 5 mi. radius, plus you can ski Alta by taking shuttle. PC is only about 35 min from SLC airport. Condos at Prospector Square might fit your bill. Try vrbo.com. We rented a house from them last yr.
I've skied both places. I honestly like Breck better for an overall ski destination(mtn and town), but you can't beat the snow in UT and the fact that you have 3 resorts so close together a free shuttle ride away in PC. Also, Alta always has awesome powder. One of my favorite areas to ski.

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You could probably spend about what you want if you skied TSV and stayed in Town.  I've seen some places in Town that look like bars that might serve beer. 
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Check out post #73 in this thread for good deal to Alta/Snowbird:
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Since you're on a budget the first thing you should do is axe the places that are expensive to get to. Look at how much its going to cost you to get to Telluride; Taos might be bad as well. Compare that to how cheap it is to fly to SLC and Denver, and you're already narrowed down your choices.
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