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Ski Movie ?

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Having a ski party,  preseason at my house Nov 21.   Can anyone recommend a good recent/this year ski movie.  One that isn't all young boys FLIPPING all the movie.  We are all skiers.   Thanks Pete
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You may want to try "Claim" from Matchstick. It does have its park segments, but it's more focused on big mountain type things. At least, much more focused on it than the rest of my ski flick library.
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Swift silent deep.
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Go with "Claim" for sure, Excellent powder shots, minimum park segs, good Shane segment.

Swift Silent Deep is excellent but it's a movie you really should be listening to. Not condusive for parties; but a great documentary though.
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 Another vote for Swift Silent Deep from the JH guy.  It's been the background at the last several parties I've been to.  Of course the host was one of the key figures in the movie.  When you buy a copy, because I know you want one, get it from the Swift Silent Deep website so that the film maker makes a higher profit from the sale.  Second best is from the TGR site which pays back a higher percentage than amazon or other more conventional vendors.  I got this info from the filmmaker and some of the other people involved in the movie.  Buy a copy today and bring it with you to JH when you come skiing and I'll bet you could get it autographed, how cool is that!  My other favorite ski porn is from "Stormshow"?  they are local movies made by mostly unsponsered skiers who hike for their turns and shots.  No Heli budget.  Shot mostly in the Jackson Hole area.  Not much park, just big lines.  To me these movies illustrate that anyone with desire and will can ski big lines and make a movie.  The first one was called Locs', some others are 300 and 600.  The numbers refer to the snow totals for the season that the film was made.  300 was one of the skinny-est years I can remember in the 20 years I've skied here, then the next year we got 600" and was one of the fattest years.  I hope this helps.
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Best ski movie EVER = The Edge of Never
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Copper Mountain!
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Thanks everyone.  Ordered Swift Silent Deep.  Now some snow.
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