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Tecnica Liner Question

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I have a pair of Dragon 100 boots, size 29.5.  Would the liner from a pair of Diablo boots work in my Dragons if they are also size 29.5?  The specific liner is from the Diablo 130.  Both liners appear similar in that they have the removable, velcro spoiler.

My interest is two-fold ... 1) I would have an extra pair of liners that I could swap out when I am skiing several days in a row, and 2) the liner from the Diablo might be a little "nicer" than the liner from the Dragon and would be an inexpensive upgrade to my current boots.

Thanks in advance for the input.

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should be fine,  but why dont YOU try this and see how it feels?

you are not going to hurt anything, so give it a shot.

most liners stretch to just about any shell shape as needed
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I know who people swap liners between boots all the time.

The feedback I have received from skiers who do this on a regular basis...

Different boots have interior contours that vary slightly from (even other) boots in the same line.  If you are a strong skier, you may be able to notice that compaction points on the liner from Shell #1 may differ slightly from those on Shell #2.  In short, you may have packed out the liner perfectly in one spot only to have found that the ankle rivet is in a slightly different location on the second (or third) boot.  Toe boxes, insteps, heels etc. are shaped differently and how the liner settles into the shell may differ slightly from shell to shell.

That said...as mentioned above, see how it feels.  I know several strong skiers who swap liner from boot to boot from drastically different shells with no effect.

I always wondered how this worked.  Think about swapping a cooked Intuition liner from a plug boot to an AT boot.  It just works for some skiers.  It would be my guess that if you are a reasonably experienced skier, you'll be able to tell if it is going to work before you leave the living room carpet
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Thanks all for the input.  I picked up a pair of Diablo liners for $30 off the auction site ... new ... so it is a cheap experiment.  Plus, if it works, I can at least postpone the mankiness factor for a while by pulling the liners and letting them dry on my longer trips where I am skiing for more than two or three days in a row.

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Diablo to Dragon is a relatively easy swap.  the basic volume dimension is close.  if you had tried swapping from a diablo pro to a diablo race where the last changes form 94 to 98 you would have noticed a huge change. as there is a substantial VOLUME change. 
that Diablo liner is a great item by the way! and $30 is a steal, about the price of shipping alone.
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