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Good Mittens

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After reading some stuff on here I have decided to start using mittens for my chronically cold hands. Anybody suggest some good mittens that aren't too expensive (looking to keep it under $50)
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Thoughts are pretty crappy with low breathability.  Try Grandoe mittins; not too expensive but warm.
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You're gonna go the mitten route.  Nice.  I bought some Burton mittens that don't breathe terribly well but they are warm enough that I don't have any issues with them.  The also have liners if you like that route.  I've been wearing them this fall without the liners and I'm reminded how much I like them.  Anyway, check here for a few ideas.  These are the ones I got, but mine are older and pink ... they were on sale!  But I was strongly considering the baker mitt.  I haven't used them so I cannot comment.  Good luck with the search!
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$50 sounds challenging, though I've scored good mittens from REI for not much more than that. I've been using mittens exclusively for the last six or seven seasons. Here's what I do:
  • Buy shell/liner system. I've found good ones from REI, Black Diamond, etc.
  • Pull out the liner.
  • Substitute an OR Windstopper Gripper glove.

Works like a charm. The mitten shell is warm, the liner gives you great feel for poles.

When buying gloves and mittens, it's important to have enough span across the palm that your hand never feels constricted. Also, your fingers should reach all the way to the end; empty space makes gloves feel clumsy and makes them colder, too. Fit is MUCH easier with mittens, an added benefit if you have fat stubby hands like me.

Also, mittens are a good value compared to gloves. A mid-priced mitten will keep your hands as warm or warmer than the most expensive glove.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
Also, your fingers should reach all the way to the end; empty space makes gloves feel clumsy and makes them colder, too. 


This has not been my experience.  I like gloves or mittens to be too big.  My theory is that empty space in the glove/mitten creates a sort of buffer between your hand and the outside.  If it fits my hand too well, cold fingers are guaranteed.
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Here I'm thinking particularly about space at the end of fingers. Obviously, much less relevant with mittens than with gloves. But try skiing with gloves that have too-long fingers. Impossible for your hand to keep that empty space warm.

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 I have problems with cold hands.  BEst solution for me was a liner and layer system.  I got a good qaulity outer layer shell from MEC (it's like REI) and then some thick fleece mitten liners, on colder days I ware a third leayer of a very tight fitting wool glove.  Basically the same as what prickly suggested.

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Yup, on cold days I do the three layer system too. Glove liner/Windstopper Gripper fleece glove/mitten shell.
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Maybe this is just a general rule whenever shopping for this sort of stuff, but keep an eye on steep and cheap.  I haven't seen any mittens there lately, but I remember seeing some at good prices.  I paid $35 for my mittens on sierrasnowboard, but they were under the big sale tab.  There is a small stock there right now.  Do you have a preference for over your jacket or under?  I prefer over, but there are both options.  The liners included on my mittens are just basic fleece gloves, but they seem to work well enough that I haven't replaced them. 
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Mittens on Tramdock right now.
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You beat me to it.  But yes, tramdock. 
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I splurged on my mittens almost ten years ago. I spent $80 on my Marmots, I could not be happier. They are still a good mitten they have developed a few holes but keep me nice and warm. I also use custom knitted liners in my mittens from Grandma. I was the only grand kid that looked forward to my new mittens every x-mas.

I would say do not be afraid to spend more and have them around longer.
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The best mitten under $50 is the Cabela Pinnacle.  I use them whenever it turns cold here without any problems and it gets really cold here.
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I have a pair of Grandoe mittens that I bought at TJMaxx for $20. They work great. I usually wear a pair of the cheap $1 stretch Walmart gloves and the mittens. My hands are never cold. Unfortunately, these aren't sold there anymore.

But I did recently see Spyder mittens at TJMaxx for $25. They should be as good as the Grandoes. Check out your local store and see what they got. But don't forget to use those cheap gloves as a base. They make a huge difference.

Once you use mittens, you'll never want gloves again.
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I've found Dakine and Burton to be lower quality. Grandoe are good quality for a low cost mitten, but not as waterproof as the more "technical" mittens. which matters if you're out in heavy snow at 25oF. Better mittens include Mtn hardwear, Marmot, or the Cloudveil Troller.

Here's a better mitten for $50:

If you seriously NEVER want to have cold fingers again, and want a glove that will last you longer than any of those others, get these:

Best mitten I've ever used for cold conditions.
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 I've found that "Good" gloves OR mittens and "Under $50" don't tend to go together very often...
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I agree mostly with the above, except that I have an inexpensive burton mitten that works pretty nicely for me.  I don't have chronically cold hands; I just prefer mittens because they are warmer at similar price points.  So take what you will.  I'm sure expensive OR mittens would be great, but I didn't have any trouble with my Burton's last year at -20F or +40F or anywhere in between.  So I'm happy with them.  They might not last for 10 years, but I'm ok with that.  But spend what you want to get  what you want.
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